Eprompter forum warning

  Miros 01:18 14 Nov 2006

If you receive any emails supposedly coming from ePrompter beware and don't open see. click here;showtopic=1538&view=findpost&p=10229

  Miros 01:22 14 Nov 2006

Don't know what the following bit is or how it got there, just ignore.

  mymate 07:15 14 Nov 2006

Thanks for that Miros.

  rawprawn 08:12 14 Nov 2006

Good morning Miros, and thank you although I don't frequent the forum one can never be sure that the hackers haven't got ones email address

  Miros 11:09 14 Nov 2006

I don't know how it was done as you use as pseudonym to go on there, but they got my main e-mail address and addressed me by my pseudonym, I find the whole thing extremely annoying.

  Miros 11:17 14 Nov 2006

It would seem that they ( eprompter ) have closed the forum web site down now!!

I have just had a look and got the following:.........IPB WARNING [2] load_template(c:\eprompter\site\forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_2/skin_global.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (Line: 1383 of \sources\ipsclass.php)

  Miros 12:03 14 Nov 2006

Do you know what I can't even find my own password
for that forum web site, it's quite amazing as well as b****y annoying that the hackers could get in there.
I think I was only ever on it once.

  Miros 17:37 14 Nov 2006

Dear Forum members,

On Monday, November 13, 2006 between 3:27 and 3:57 PM (Eastern time), a malicious individual gained access to the Forum Administration Center with the intent of promoting an adult-oriented website by first posting a pornographic banner at the top of each forum page and then by "bulk mailing" a link to this same website to all members of the forum community.

It has since been concluded that this hacker accessed the Administration Center after successfully changing my own forum password and then acting in my name as Administrator in order to insert the javascript-based banner code into the Board Header which "personalized" the banner content by using the forum visitor's IP address and displaying references to that visitor's geographic location.

This individual then proceeded to use the Administration Center's Bulk mail feature to spam 1,750 members with a message entitled "If you wanna somme hot expirences ..." at 3:57 PM (Eastern time). This explains why you may have received an email from "Ximinez" and why its originating IP resolves to the ePrompter.com server. Rest assured that your actual email address was not compromised because the hacker didn't extract the membership list -- only a bulk mailing system was used that automatically inserted your username with a {member_name} field (making it seem like the hacker had accessed the membership list).

The only information available regarding this individual was that a PC located in France was used to launch the attack (IP address: Given the widespread availability of compromised computers these days, it's more likely that a "zombie" PC was used to hide the actual location of the spammer's own computer. In retrospect, this was a juvenile and not-so-brilliant hack made possible given my weak password. I accept responsability for that oversight and, going forward, have taken the appropriate steps to better secure my password.

It is indeed unfortunate that spammers persist as an ongoing threat on the internet. I suppose that, like cockroaches, they are an annoyance that must be endured. No amount of "fumagating" will ever rid us of these pests and so we continue to live knowing that they are there. <sigh>

Now, the good news is that as a result of this incident I have also taken the additional security precaution of upgrading this forum software to version 2.1.7 (up from v2.0). With the update, there are immediate improvements seen, most noticeably with the user interface. I haven't had a chance to review them all, but we can certainly discuss them over on the "Help With Forum Features" board.

Thanx for your continued support of the eP users' forum!

  Miros 17:40 14 Nov 2006

is that whereas I thought they had my address according to the above this is not so if I read it right.

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