Envelope Settings In Word

  [email protected]® 18:13 17 Oct 2005

When using the envelope wizard in word, is there anyway to change default settings? What I mean is that when a select an envelope i.e DL I have to keep changing the location of the delivery address to for example 3.5 from left and 4.0 from top (default auto) I want these settings that I select to stay there all the time and not revert to auto. Thanks

  DieSse 18:36 17 Oct 2005

When you open the envelope wizard, look for the Custom size envelope - you can then set it up as you want, and name it - then select that envelope next time. (Word2000)

  DieSse 18:38 17 Oct 2005

Sorry - you can only have 1 custom size, apparently - but your parameters will be saved in it.

  [email protected]® 18:39 17 Oct 2005

That doesnt work - it reverts to auto.

  [email protected]® 19:17 17 Oct 2005


  Diemmess 19:25 17 Oct 2005

You picked Custom, but did you do as DieSse said and name it!

  [email protected]® 19:27 17 Oct 2005

I have no option to save name

  DieSse 20:06 17 Oct 2005

Very Sorry - I take back what I said - it just proves things often don't work how you expected, and I should have checked before I answered.

However, in messing arund, I did actaully discover a way of doing more or less what you want.

Start a blank document for which you eventually want a different envelope.

Go to the envelope Wizard - set up the envelope you want - then click the *add to document* button. This puts the envelope on the screen above the document.

Save the whole thing as a template. The next time you choose this template, thit will open with the envelope above the document, with the positioning details that you saved.

Maybe clumsy, but it works! I tested it!

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