entering bios problem

  stephen0205 21:20 18 Sep 2006

MSI KT4 ULTRA mainboard appears someone has set password in bios,will clearing cmos memory restore ability to enter bios,if not can anyone suggest how i can clear the password?

  VoG II 21:26 18 Sep 2006

I think that we need to beware here click here

  ed-0 21:30 18 Sep 2006

Who's motherboard is it? have you not set a password for the bios.

  stephen0205 21:30 18 Sep 2006

this is my brothers pc,we think the password was wet by spyware and we cant get into the bios to set the pc to boot from disk to reformat it

  De Marcus™ 21:31 18 Sep 2006

No spyware is able to change bios level passwords to my knowledge.

  stephen0205 21:33 18 Sep 2006

may have been set by my father when he built it but he cannot remeber if he put a password on it or not,this is a very good pc and it would be a shame if we cannot get it fixed

  rodriguez 21:35 18 Sep 2006

A lot of BIOS manufacturers have backdoor passwords that will let you in if you don't know the original. click here and scroll down to find your BIOS manufacturer then try the passwords in the list and see if any of them work.

  DieSse 21:39 18 Sep 2006

*it would be a shame if we cannot get it fixed*

What needs fixing that means you have to get into the BIOS? If the system is operating normally, then you shouldn't need to get into the BIOS anyway.

  rodriguez 21:42 18 Sep 2006

One more password - if by any chance it's an RM computer or BIOS then the BIOS password is RM. We used to deal with these at work and every one that came in had a BIOS password set and we always had to clear it by typing RM or rm as the password.

  stephen0205 21:44 18 Sep 2006

tried reformatting to clear the drive but unable to set to boot from cd now to reinstall windows

  ed-0 21:46 18 Sep 2006

To clear the bios password takes just a few seconds, for virtually any motherboard and you don't need any codes.

If stephen0205 can give the forum a valid reason why he needs to get into the bios, then the forum may provide the information.

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