Enter text into forms on screen then print.

  bumpkin 15:09 30 Apr 2013

Hi all, what I would like to do if possible is scan in a form i.e. tax return then type in the required text in the right place, save and then print to the original form.

I did something like this years back but the way I set about it at the time was overly complicated and time consuming. Can anyone suggest a method for doing this please. Thanks

  Batch 15:49 30 Apr 2013

A number of image editors will allow you to add text to an image (e.g. a jpeg), but they can be a bit crude. The editors themselves don't tend to have any knowledge of the boxes the text needs to overlay or an appropriate size of text.

  john bunyan 16:01 30 Apr 2013

I use Photoshop as Batch suggests; the print is formed on a layer, which can be merged down, and the final form saved as a .pdf file that can be read universally. I think other photo editors like Paint.net (free) are similar.

  bumpkin 16:21 30 Apr 2013

Thanks for your replies, I have Serif Photo Plus X5 and Microsoft Paint, any use? or a link to Photoshop please. This is not something I have much experience of so excuse my ignorance on the subject.

  bumpkin 16:36 30 Apr 2013

A bit more info, the reason I want to do this is that a lot of forms have tiny boxes which are read by computers, my writing is not very good and I usually get my daughter to do this for me. If I could type it in the right place using PC would be better though probably not easier:-)

  Woolwell 18:03 30 Apr 2013

Serif PhotoPlus will do it but a bit fiddly to get the text box in the right place with the right font size. The process with other photo editors will be very similar. PhotoPlus uses layers too.

  bumpkin 18:39 30 Apr 2013

Thanks Woolwell, seems I have suitable software but never really used it. How do I set about this and what does "layers" mean.

  Woolwell 19:13 30 Apr 2013

Create a new layer (it's like a blank transparent sheet over the original photo) - Layers - New Layer and on that use the text tool - position it where you want to start and set you font and its size. You will probably want to play around with the size. When you have finished you can move it to exactly over the box on the form. Using a layer means that you are only altering that layer and not the original underneath. When you have finished then you can merge the layers and export as pdf.

  Woolwell 19:14 30 Apr 2013

BTW Serif have some good tutorials in their software.

  bumpkin 20:09 30 Apr 2013

Thanks again, I will have a play with that and look at the tutorials. From what you have said it seems like I use the scan as the first layer to get my positioning and put the text on layer 2, then save layer 2 and print that onto the original form. Am I correct here?

  Woolwell 20:43 30 Apr 2013

Not quite - use scan to start (base layer) - add a layer insert text (you can move text or layer to right position) - merge layers - save as pdf - print - data will be on form.

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