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  Macnut 12:07 28 Jul 2010

I am using Vista and Microsoft Outlook. A new small window keeps appearing on the screen entitled 'Enter Network Password' This shows all the correct information & password. How can I stop it appearing? I have tried the top red cross, I have tried clicking on OK I have tried clicking on cancel. It vanishes but reapppears a few minutes later whatever program I am in (it just did it now).


  VoG II 12:26 28 Jul 2010

If you are with Virgin Media, there is a problem with their e-mail servers. This has been going on intermittently for several days and is becoming irksome.

  skeletal 12:43 28 Jul 2010

Ah!!! That’s useful info VoG. I often complain about the poor reliability of Virgin and, just a few seconds ago, I have yet again lost email.

Funnily enough, I have also, yet again, gone on to their service issues web page and it is showing all is well, when it clearly isn’t.

At least I’m not on my own.

Sorry to part hijack your thread Macnut, but if your problem is due to Virgin, it is worth trying again in an hour or two. Also, I have found that when the Virgin servers go down, SOMETIMES, I have to turn the modem off, leave for a minute or two, then turn back on (i.e. the return of the Virgin severs does not always mean my system re-starts automatically). This is definitely worth a try.


  skeletal 14:24 28 Jul 2010

Update: still no emails but at least Virgin’s service status (under TV; must remember an email is classed as TV) now says:

You will currently be experiencing problems receiving emails etc etc
Date Issue raised: July 28 2010, 09:48
Estimated repair time: July 28 2010, 13:31
Fault reference: F001327295

Note that it has today's date on it; I have been having email trouble all this week.


  VoG II 14:38 28 Jul 2010

Mine's now working again.

There used to be a "TV -email" feature, at least with Blueyonder.

What annoys me is that they flag faults as resolved when they are not then raise another ticket the next day!

Still, overall I'm a happy customer. It is only e-mails that I've ever had prolonged problems with.

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