Ensuring correct CPU settings in BIOS for AMDSEMP

  terendak_uk 17:39 24 Jul 2006

Be most grateful for advice: Put together a PC a couple of years ago and had to go into the BIOS to change a setting for an AMD processor: just had a PC upgraded by the local PC shop and I would like to ensure that they have set the CPU to work optimally, but I forget what to check/do! The Mobo is a GigabyteM1689D, CPU AMD Sempron 3000+. Belarc states that the bus clock is 200MHz and that the processor is a 1.8GHzAthlon 64. In My Computer, Properties it states also that I have an AMD SEmpron Processor 3000+ ( but nothing about 1.8GHz). In the BIOS, "Frequency/voltage control" the k8CPU clock ratio is "default" and the cpu clock is 200MHz.Looking at previous posts it seems that my FSB setting ( default) is not optimal for this processor? I understand that the "3000+" is not a 3000MHz processor....

  Gongoozler 17:43 24 Jul 2006

There are some interesting figures here click here

  Stuartli 17:51 24 Jul 2006

My AMD XP Athlon 3200+ is actually a 2.2GHz CPU..:-)

Marketing hype as AMD claim/claimed that their CPUs perform at a level equivalent to an Intel of a higher GHz specification.

  terendak_uk 17:54 24 Jul 2006

Interesting reading but I can't find details on how to check if the BIOS settings have been optimised for this Processor. It runs slower than another PC I assembled 2yrs ago ( sure, there are other variables);it's something to do with resetting some clock speed in the BIOS? I just can't remember, sigh!

  terendak_uk 17:59 24 Jul 2006

Sorry , not making myself clear.....I know about the difference between the labelling ( 3000+, for eg)but I was told by Maplin at the time of assembling my other PC that I needed to change a BIOS setting to optimise the performance of the cpu. I did that on the first PC and it improved it's performance. Just can't remember what setting to check to see if Ye Locale Shoppe have done this for me.

  terendak_uk 18:57 24 Jul 2006

re BIOS resetting for a "xxxx+" cpu but, I cannot find useful info, so far, on AMD's site. Be grateful for further insights.

  terendak_uk 20:14 25 Jul 2006

In case of more info ( or I have missed something already?). When one buys/fits a xxxx+ AMD cpu, one has to change a BIOS setting to get the best out of the cpu?( not overclocking). It isn't enabled by default?

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