Enlarging prinr size and making it darker..

  Paddylad 13:55 16 Nov 2010

Hi, Yesterday I was registered partialli sightedand mow I need larger print size and blacker letters to enable me to see what's on my PC. The built in magnifiwe isnt too great so I thought I'd ask you. Thank you in advance,

  GaT7 14:13 16 Nov 2010

Try the tips posted in this related thread click here.

If you use XP/Vista, enable ClearType click here which may help. There's also the ClearType Tuner PowerToy for XP click here. G

  Paddylad 14:39 16 Nov 2010

Thanks Crossbow, I'll get a mate in to give it a go. Thanks again.

  GaT7 14:44 16 Nov 2010

No problem, hope they help. If you can tell us your OS - XP / Vista / Win7 - we could offer more specific help. G

  Paddylad 18:39 16 Nov 2010

Sorry, OS is XP Pro

  GaT7 19:16 16 Nov 2010

Try these one at a time. If you're not happy with the results, return & increase or decrease accordingly:

'Save' means clicking the Apply &/or OK buttons to save settings:

1. Right-click (on desktop) > Properties > Appearance. Change the font size to Large Fonts (or try Extra Large Fonts) & save.

2. Right-click (on desktop) > Properties > Appearance > Advanced > access the drop down menu under 'Item:'. Increase settings here for each one as applicable to suit & save.

3. Right-click (on desktop) > Properties > Appearance > Advanced > Effects. Tick only the 2nd (choose ClearType), 3rd & 4th boxes & save.

4. Right-click (on desktop) > Properties > Settings > Advanced > General tab. Under Display > DPI setting select 'Custom setting' & choose a greater value than what's already in the box & save. Go easy on this - i.e. don't increase too much before checking what overall effect it has had. If things look a bit skewed or overlap, especially in web browsers, this is the first one to reduce or revert to the default value.

5. In Internet Explorer (IE) > View > Text Size & change to Larger or Largest. In Firefox, it's View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only. In the browsers, you can also press the Shift key while simultaneously rotating the mouse wheel to increase/decrease picture & text size.

6. Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers tab. Chose 'Windows Standard (extra large)....". Then under the Pointer Options tab, put a tick in the 'Enhance pointer precision' & 'Show location of your pointer when I press the Ctrl key' (later is useful for when you've lost the pointer on the screen).

7. Start > Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Display tab. Adjust cursor blink rate & width to suit & save.

You may have to keep returning to the above to tweak further as required.

I don't have a vision problem, but I have adopted most of the above to varying degrees over the past several years (also using XP Pro on one of my PCs), & ever since I began using a larger monitor & resolution. G

  Paddylad 13:16 17 Nov 2010

My mate I discovered is on holiday so he cannot help. However, having read the paperwork RNIB sent I've found help. Apparently there is a network of volunteers in the country who will do the job for me for free,(TEL 0303 123 9999). Thank you for all your help, I'm off to make a phonecall.

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