Enlarging JPG images without loss of quality

  Sethhaniel 11:00 21 Apr 2004

Any programs to download ?

  Clint2 11:16 21 Apr 2004

I am not sure if it can be done as JPG is a lossy format. Try this for further info click here

  Eric10 12:34 21 Apr 2004

The best I have found is Shortcut Photozoom which used to be S-Spline 2. click here. There is trial version available so you can test it to see if it will do what want. You should bear in mind that enlarging an image beyond its original size will always result in loss of quality no matter what file type it is. It's more a matter of keeping the quality loss within acceptable levels.

  Smiler 12:52 21 Apr 2004

You could use paintshop pro or any other photo manipulation program but make sure you resample the file to make it larger don't just resize it as this will give a blocky final image whereas resampling will smooth out the image to a certain degree.

  spirit2x 13:10 21 Apr 2004

Macromedia Fireworks is the best for it.
Just Open your file and drag the nodes.

  Stuartli 14:49 21 Apr 2004

As .jpeg is intended to reduce a substantial graphics file to a much smaller one, perhaps to send as an e-mail, by "losing" much of the detail whilst retaining overall appearance, it is clearly impossible to regain the lost detail once converted.

You therefore need the original file(s), if it is possible to obtain them, to do with as you wish.

It would certainly be possible to print them but even a small enlargement of the file(s) would be evident in the quality of the prints.

  Sethhaniel 15:30 21 Apr 2004

can enlarge JPEG pictures
but have forgotten the name - I was only told it last night and the person is unavailable till later - so thought someone here may have info on it

sorry about link - but was first one search engine hit on and downloaded

  hssutton 15:46 21 Apr 2004

Sethhaniel, What Stuarli says is correct, but depending on the amount of compression used, it may be possible to enlarge by a small amount.
Probably the best program would be Genuine Fractals. but don't expect miracles. Not sure if you can still download the free trial on this software.

  hssutton 15:53 21 Apr 2004

Genuine fractals trial download click here

  Stuartli 15:57 21 Apr 2004

If it's really important, could be worth trying:

click here

click here (help with use of first link)

click here

  fweddy 16:04 21 Apr 2004

Your best bet would be to enlarge it in any version of photoshop - you can pick a copy up very cheap at any local computer specialist. It wouldn't need to be an up to date version, a friend of mine is still using Photoshop 3 quite happily.
Everything of course depends on how much info was thrown away when first compressed. Normally a web quality jpeg (under100k) is good for nothing much else.

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