English to French tel. plugs without an adapter?

  Sapins 15:06 15 May 2005

Has anyone re-wired an English modem cable to a French modem/telephone cable?

I was told to use only the white and blue cables on the English cable and connect them to the French plug, however, when I cut off the English plug there were four cables exactly the same colours as the French cable! Do I just connect these four cables to the same connectors in the French plug? and are the telephone companies getting ready to make the cables/equipment compatible?

  Sapins 19:14 15 May 2005


  Noldi 19:20 15 May 2005

The plug in the back of the modem are standard all you need to do is buy a French modem lead that plugs in thier system and the modem end is standard. I changed mine to the Swiss system that easy no need to chop plus off.

  Sapins 19:33 15 May 2005

Sorry Noldi I should have explained, the problem is the modem cable is on a wireless 56K router/modem from BT which I want to use in France. Normally the English cable which goes to the phone socket has 7 or 8 wires and I know you use the White and Blue but this cable only has 4 wires, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow which are the same colours as the French cable on the phone plug connection.

I have connected the wires from the English cable to the same terminals as I found them on the French plug, but I can't test it out yet as my friends phone is not activated yet.

  Noldi 19:57 15 May 2005

So my idea is get a modem extension cable an cut the male plug off match the wires up then plug in the french cable in?. I s it a BT thing to stop you using the router elsware that you cant unclip the cable from the modem.

  Sapins 20:22 15 May 2005

You can't plug it in outside the UK so you have to re-wire it.

  stlucia 13:06 16 May 2005

I'm not following the logic here about why you have to re-wire anything. I have at home a set of telephone adaptor plugs so I can plug my Palm dial-up modem into any telephone socket anywhere in the world. Won't the same kind of thing work with a PC modem? Here's something similar to the one I got click here

  pj123 15:18 16 May 2005

Good link stlucia. In My Postings for when I go a-roaming.

  Sapins 17:38 16 May 2005

When I bought the wireless router/modem a friend here told me how to re-wire it to a French plug using just the White and Blue wires, unfortunately the wires are different in the cable on the wireless router/modem, and of course I have cut off the plug before I found you can buy adapters like the one in your link, sod's law and all that. I'll get there even if I have to connect the cable 2 at a time till I find the right combination!

  Noldi 17:49 16 May 2005

Sorry french extension cable

  stlucia 20:36 16 May 2005

OK, I'm with you now, Sapins :-) How about your modem manufacturer's web site, or an email to them, to find out which wire goes to which pin on the plug?

When I was looking for my adapters about five years ago I came across a web site which went into quite a bit of detail of which wire goes where for various countries. click here Here's a link which looks like it might get you there.

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