Energy Usage

  collinsc 16:21 02 Jan 2008

I wondered what will use more energy; if we leave our PC on 24/7 or shut down after usage - perhaps 2-3 usages a day.


  johndrew 16:38 02 Jan 2008

When it`s not running (even on Standby) power usage is zero. So unless you are using it, the `green` thing to do is shut it down fully.

  Diemmess 16:44 02 Jan 2008

From a wattage reading device on my computer.

Switched on at the wall but computer and monitor off (low voltage power units live) = 17 watts

Running as now = 114 watts

If I use my laser printer this jumps to about 190 watts. Scanner and other USB devices add a few more but not really significant.

Starting up may well add a little but it is very little.
If you want to save significant sums from your bill, switch off, - at the wall.

  collinsc 17:29 02 Jan 2008

thank you

  Robotic_Rob 00:43 03 Jan 2008

How much current does the computer draw whilst its booting up for how long?
What about when you send your computer to sleep. How much current does it draw when waking up? and how much current does it draw whilst asleep?
Have you considered the stress that you put on your electronic components when booting up? When the electronics are under more stress they are more prone to burning out. Then how much energy does it take to manufacture a whole new PSU/motherboard/ram/etc/etc (what ever has burnt out)?

I suppose the amount of time the computer is left not doing anything also counts.
I know if your turning on and off certain light tubes all day, its more energy efficient to keep it on.

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