happ 07:58 22 Nov 2004

I`ve been using "enditall" original vers for a while now but I recently had to reinstall windows now when I load the program I get the enditall panel but it`s empty so whats gone wrong I`m sure I`ve got enough programs on my computer. I prefer this vers maybe there`s another program around that does the same job can anyone help please?

  MichelleC 08:52 22 Nov 2004

This happened to me, so I had to reinstall it. Only problem is Greg Woking (the developer) at PC Mag stopped another site from giving it away, so it's hard to get hold of.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:21 22 Nov 2004

'so it's hard to get hold of'...oh no it isn't.......;-)))))))
click here


  MichelleC 11:11 22 Nov 2004

Wait till Greg finds out...

  Audeal 15:05 22 Nov 2004

GANDALF <|:-)>. I just downloaded it from your link thinking it was an update but it was the opposite. It is v1 and I am using v2. Never mind for those who don't have it, I guess it is better than nothing.

  Technotiger 15:13 22 Nov 2004

Hi Guys, home.ptd.net/~don5408/toolbox/enditall


  Technotiger 15:15 22 Nov 2004

Or - just Ask Jeeves, he has a whole list!!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 22 Nov 2004

home.ptd.net/~don5408/toolbox/enditall says:


Unfortunately the very useful formerly-freeware utility EndItAll2 which I have praised and recommended for years is no longer available free of charge to end users. While there are a number of copies still floating around the web for those who look hard enough due to the intervention of the Ziff-Davis, Inc legal team and their false accusations to my ISP that I personally have been providing their copywrited program, links to the program can no longer be found on this web site. Those prepared to pay for a subscription can find it available at winmag.com

  Diodorus Siculus 15:28 22 Nov 2004

click here

This seems to be it...

  Technotiger 15:30 22 Nov 2004

ok - click here :-)

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