End User License Agreement

  Dannyb 10:31 13 Aug 2004

I have a quick query for you. I have a laptop with pre-loaded windows xp and would like to put xp onto my desktop with the same disc. Am I allowed to use the same disc for my laptop and my desktop as I will be the only person to use them. I am sure that I read that the license stretched to both a laptop and desktop per user but I may be mistaken.
Thans for your help.

  jonnytub 10:35 13 Aug 2004

as far as i'm aware your not allowed.

  jonnytub 10:37 13 Aug 2004

also unless it's a proper xp cd then it's most likely you got a restore disk which wouldn't work anyway.

  Dannyb 10:38 13 Aug 2004

It is a proper xp cd and could be used to load windows on another machine.

  Djohn 10:39 13 Aug 2004

XP as an operating system is one machine one licence, so you would need to copies, one for each PC.

Office programs are different. 97/2000/XP is one licence two machines [1 desktop + 1 Laptop].

Office 2003 is different again. 3 machines, desktop or laptop. All PC's must belong to and be used by the same owner.

The above is for the normal consumer licence that the home user would purchase but Microsoft do different schemes for commercial environments. j.

  Djohn 10:43 13 Aug 2004

To = Two from above post.

Yes, you can load and run XP on your second PC and it will work. Also it is legal to do so for a period of 30 days if for instance you were trialling it out but you will not be able to activate the second install at the 30 day period.

  Salinger 10:46 13 Aug 2004

I would ask MicroSoft for a definitive answer, my understanding was that you could have the same copy on a desktop AND a Laptop if they are both owned by you and you only use one machine at any one time. Iam open to correction on this, however!

  Dannyb 10:46 13 Aug 2004

Thanks Djohn, always worth a try. Never seems right to me, but there you go.......

  jonnytub 10:49 13 Aug 2004

Installation and use. You may install, use, access,

display and run one copy of the Product on a single

computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other device

("Workstation Computer"). The Product may not be used

by more than two (2) processors at any one time on any

single Workstation Computer. You may permit a maximum

of ten (10) computers or other electronic devices (each

a "Device") to connect to the Workstation Computer to

utilize the services of the Product solely for File and

Print services, Internet Information Services, and remote

access (including connection sharing and telephony

services). The ten connection maximum includes any

indirect connections made through "multiplexing" or other

software or hardware which pools or aggregates

connections. Except as otherwise permitted by the

NetMeeting, Remote Assistance, and Remote Desktop

features described below, you may not use the Product

to permit any Device to use, access, display or run other

executable software residing on the Workstation Computer,

nor may you permit any Device to use, access, display,

or run the Product or Product's user interface, unless

the Device has a separate license for the Product

  jonnytub 10:49 13 Aug 2004

* Mandatory Activation. The license rights granted under this

EULA are limited to the first thirty (30) days after

you first install the Product unless you supply

information required to activate your licensed copy in

the manner described during the setup sequence of the

Product. You can activate the Product through the use

of the Internet or telephone; toll charges may apply.

You may also need to reactivate the Product if you modify

your computer hardware or alter the Product. There are

technological measures in this Product that are designed

to prevent unlicensed or illegal use of the Product.

You agree that we may use those measures.

  Djohn 10:50 13 Aug 2004

Office yes, Operating system No, Sorry. :o(

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