Encryption in Opera 7

  Eraflooz 08:47 05 Feb 2003

Hey now!

Due to Opera not having 128bit encryption, I am unable to perform online banking. To do so I must revert to IE6 which doesn't tickle my fancy. Is there a way to enable encryption in Opera7 or does it even have the feature available? Also, when using Hotnail accounts in Opera you seem to lose the ability to use the rich text editor for email. Again, is this just due to incompatibility or is there a way to gain the ability? Having Opera report itself as IE6 does NOT solve the problem. Thanks again guys!

  Eraflooz 00:32 08 Feb 2003

I have been unable to determine a solution...any ideas?

  Ben Avery 00:33 08 Feb 2003

...just install IE6 as well???

  Pesala 06:08 08 Feb 2003

Opera is great, but IE is industry standard. I cannot format my posts on MSN groups in Opera, so I have to revert to IE. It also has better support for Unicode. One cannot safely uninstall IE from Windows ME anyway. No problem. Use Opera as you default browser, and load IE when you want to do your banking. Maybe one day Opera will have everthing you need, Microsoft will start writing the best possible software, or people might become so honest that no one ever needs encryption for online banking!

  powerless 06:13 08 Feb 2003

Opera has 128 bit encryption...

click here

I have used opera but do not anymore. Have a quick read of the link it appears you have to play with the preferences...

  Eraflooz 00:17 09 Feb 2003

I took a look and yer right....i enable dall encryption and played with the TLS but am still unable to perform banking....i guess i'll just have to bow down...Thanx guys.

  leo49 00:37 09 Feb 2003

It's perfectly possible to remove IE safely from ME using 98LitePro - I've done it on 2 of my OS's and use Opera and Mozilla instead.


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