Encryption on Linksys wireless ADSL

  kev-a 21:10 07 Aug 2006

How can i check to see if my router is set to WEP or WAP ? as i am concerned with my level of security, The only other wireless that i can detect is a Buffalo which my friend and neighbour is using.
I am loathed to start with the set up again as i had a nightmare of it initially but needs must.
I am on BT Broadband using a Linksys adsl wireless router with speedbooster.with the preinstalled wireless connection in my laptop.
Will i have to connect up the laptop to the Linksys with an Ethernet cable or can i stay wireless during the setup procedure.

  FelixTCat 23:04 07 Aug 2006


You will have to access the router's setup pages to check what level, if any, of encryption you have. Normally, it will be under the wireless tag.

You can carry this out wirelessly; if you do, when you set the encryption you will lose contact with the router until you set exactly the same encryption on your laptop. This is why it is usually recommended that you contact the router by ethernet, but it is not essential. If you get it wrong, you will have to contact by ethernet to recover.

If it is available to you, use WPA-PK encryption - it is much harder to crack than WEP.

Always write down the wireless encryption key you use and keep it somewhere safe; or use a phrase you will not forget.

If you want to make life even harder for potential hackers, you can hide the SSID of the wireless connection and restrict the wireless cards that can log on by listing allowed MAC addresses.

You should also change the default password and, if possible, the log-on for your router; hackers know the defaults for every brand and can alter any of your settings if they can get in.



  ade.h 23:08 07 Aug 2006

click here Take note of my first paragraph if you do decide to re-configure it.

  ade.h 23:10 07 Aug 2006

Please bear in mind what I said here click here scroll to the bottom. Highly risky.

  FelixTCat 23:18 07 Aug 2006


Not in the slightest risky. That's why I said to note it down and remember it.

Please don't start a flame war on someone else's issue. I should be happy to discuss this with you by private email if you wish.



  kev-a 23:36 07 Aug 2006

Had a go at setting up and got as far as admin,admin but went no further as the laptop locked up and i didn't get to the next page !!
I have checked on my wireless network status and it says i am using WPA so this is a start..

  ade.h 00:02 08 Aug 2006

No, sorry Felix; I mean the bit about accessing the router wirelessly.

With most routers, the wireless link actually breaks if a relevant setting is changed while it is active, because the change will be applied as soon as "Okay" is selected. If you were accessing the router through the wireless link at the time, you get locked out of your session with no way to close that session and no way to regain the wireless link until that session is closed. Catch 22. Requires a hard reset or sometimes a factory reset to fix it.

This does not apply to all routers, but you must be careful. Belkin, Linksys and many others are affected by this.

And Felix, please don't think that I was trying to argue with you about it; that's the last thing that I would want. I'm sorry if you felt that way.

  FelixTCat 07:48 08 Aug 2006


If you do have some form of encryption, that is better than nothing.

What is more concerning is the fact that you seem to be unable to access the setup pages of your router. Does that lockup occur every time, or was this a one-off?



  kev-a 19:26 08 Aug 2006

When i say locks up the Egg timer symbol appears and nothing more happens until i press on cancel in the box that has the admin, Admin in.
I have left it for quite some time and still nothing happens until i cancel then it informs me that it is unable to display the next page.

  FelixTCat 19:36 08 Aug 2006


The setup address of your router is likely to be Is this the one that hangs?



  kev-a 19:42 08 Aug 2006

No, Popped that into the browser and got to the next page (Router config) then i enter Admin into both fields press enter i think i says and thats wen i sits there with the Egg timer instead of moving onto thenext part which asks for an SSID. (see ade.h 1st post on this thread and the link is that which i am working from..

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