Encoding, Over Heatin CPU

  akzah 20:55 13 Jul 2003


I have been encoding a video of my brother's Wedding into VCD format.The video is only 50mins long and I followed a proceadure on the net, I reliased that when it started encoding I could not do anything else,

My Home built computer (Athlon 2000+ 256 Mb) which the CPU usually around 55 C was today approaching 60s probally due to the good weather, though as the programme run within 5 minutes it had reached 70 C at which point I canclled the encoding.

The encoding had worked though why was the CPU reaching that hughe temperature, even after playing Fifa 2003 or FS2002 it does not go above 62 C.

Any ideas. and should I worry or should I let it encode the whole thing which will take 45 mins?

  Steve N 23:46 13 Jul 2003

I was playin medal of honour today (Sunday when it was real hot) Suddenly it crashed! Yikes. I quickly reset my PC and the CPU was running @ 81C..... hmm time for a new PC me thinks.....:oD.

I did put a quiet fan on it though which i guess doesn't keep it cool as well.

To your problem. You may want to check to see if you can get a fan that may keep it cooler, also i should check on AMD website to see the max temp for ur CPU. Mine is 100C!!!! I used to encode whole films which would take about 5-6 hours @ 100% and the temp would occasionally reach 70C.

I'd just keep and eye on it for a bit. CPUs are funny like that!!!

  BeForU 01:06 14 Jul 2003

well because it is encoding it uses alot of your processing power so i shouldnt worry too much about it! AMD cpus are supposviley able to run up to 90C according to AMD themselves! you could try having better cooling as well to keep the tempreture down as well!

  STEVE71163 10:54 14 Jul 2003

In this really hot weather anything that uses a lot of cpu is going to get your pc hot but at 70c i would have let it carry on as an athlon is ok at 70c.

  rubella 11:07 14 Jul 2003

xp2000s run hot anyway, in this weather far worse. whilst i would have considered those temperatures very high when i was using an xp2000, they are only so high as to effect system stability and not actually do damage. it might be possible for you to set a cut out speed in your bios. i believe 75c is a reasonable compromise value for that.

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