alt 09:11 29 Apr 2003

Hi, is there a way of enabling thumbnail views in folders in windows 98se. as there is in xp. Thanks

  MAJ 09:22 29 Apr 2003

Right click on the folder, choose Properties, choose "enable thumbnail view", then, in the folder choose View > Thumbnail.

  alt 09:30 29 Apr 2003

Hi Maj, Thank you but this command will only work on non networed folders for some reason. The very folder I want to"enable thumbnails" is a folder that is used on the network and windows tells me that "cannot enable thumnails at this time"??????

  MAJ 09:41 29 Apr 2003

That's me stuffed then, alt, I don't have a network and never worked on one, sorry. I'm sure someone will be along to give you better instructions soon.

  PhilipH 11:51 29 Apr 2003

If the networked computer is using XP you need to enable allow network users to change my files, this is done in the properties for the shared drive under sharing.

  alt 12:51 29 Apr 2003

Hi Philip, I have already done this but it still doesn't allow me to see thumnail view on the client computer. the host is running xp home and the client 98se. Is there anything else I could try?.....

  PhilipH 13:58 29 Apr 2003

Not sure why you still cannot enable thumbnail view but you could copy the folder to the shared documents folder, where you should be able to enable thumbnail view.

  alt 19:02 29 Apr 2003

Thanks Maj and Philip, I have managed to do it now but for some reason it only allows me to "enable thumbnail views" when I put the folder on the desktop??????????....Val

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