Enabling Front USB Sockets

  dregn 02:43 16 Sep 2006

I have a LianLi case with individual leads from the two USB sockets on the front of the case to attach to the pin headers on the mainboard.
Each one is inscribed with a description so it is not a problem identifying where they go.
The problem is that they are very fiddly and difficult to attach to the board.
What do I need to bring them together in the correct position so they can be a simple fit to the pin headers ?
Any ideas , please ?

  Totally-braindead 02:57 16 Sep 2006

Personally I use long nosed pliers.

  Diodorus Siculus 02:58 16 Sep 2006

There is no easy way, as far as I can tell; I've had that problem with them a few times and always wished they could be held together.

My big fingers just won't do it... I look forward to a reply if someone has a solution.

  Diodorus Siculus 02:59 16 Sep 2006

Good idea, that :-)

  dregn 03:12 16 Sep 2006

Totally-braindead and Diodorus Siculus,
Thanks for the advice but I feel there must be tidier solution.
I have searched the Maplin wesite for something to fit the bill but I am not sure if the various connectors would be suitable. It has just occurred to me that an email to Maplin Sales Dept. may be a good idea.
Working on it.

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