emial stuck in outlook express

  tbreak24 13:21 12 Jul 2007

Recieved ans email 3day from a reputable regular newsletter I recieve and it had caused outlook express to go into not responding mode.

I candt delete it from outlook express as its not reponding.

Im with plusnet will they or can anyone help please.

Am very frustrated - have defrag and cleaned system. please help as I am unable to recieve emials until iv sorted this

  mfletch 13:25 12 Jul 2007

Hi, Have a look here,

click here

This maybe of some help,


  mfletch 13:30 12 Jul 2007

Sorry about that! check to see if your deleted emails folder is not full?

  tbreak24 13:39 12 Jul 2007

The message is stuck in the in box and how do I check if the message box is full tho I dont think this the prob can u tell me how if outlook express is not responding. cand I delete the emial another way ??

  beeuuem 15:30 12 Jul 2007

Midlothiant may be that you will need to delete the Inbox folder. This will remove all the mail in the Inbox.
See click here and click here

  beeuuem 15:30 12 Jul 2007

'Midlothiant' = It!!

  Totally-braindead 15:35 12 Jul 2007

I've had this before as have some of my friends, the way to cure it, assumming you are using Outlook Express is to go to your ISPs main page, login there and download your messages to there, there will be some option to check your email once you are logged in, you only have to do it the once as once it is clear you can go back to using Outlook Express.

  sheila.weston 15:45 12 Jul 2007

When I had this problem it was beacause there was a very large file coming in. To get OE going again, I went to the message menu and created a rule to discard any messages of over, say, 200kb. This unblocked the incoming emails. Don't forget to remove this rule afterwards!

  tbreak24 15:59 12 Jul 2007

At the loss of my old stuck inbox.

I searched for the inbox.dbx file (through Search and find in windows)and deleted it which automatically created a new empty clean inbox and deleted the old one with the stuck email in it.

As outlok would not respond at all I couldnt try some of the suggestions but thanks anyway.

Many thanks to all who posted their suggestions and hope my solution will help someone else.

  mfletch 18:11 12 Jul 2007

The same as removing a email from your OUTBOX as in my first link!

Damaged Mail Folders
Your mail folders or e-mail messages within the folders may be damaged. There are two ways to troubleshoot this type of problem. The first method is to concentrate only on the Outbox folder. The second method is to create all new folders.

You can create a new Outbox folder using the following steps: 1. Exit Outlook Express.
2. Search your hard drive for Outbox.dbx and delete this file.
3. Restart Outlook Express. A new empty outbox folder is created automatically.

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