Emergency Services Frequencys

  websurfowen 16:41 15 Oct 2006

My best mate works for a voluntary organization and has been asked to get new radios that can conform with the new fire and ambulance service radios. They only need to listen is as they already have a digital encryption transmitter that allows us to communicate. Does anybody know the radio frequencys that they use or trunk system name?

  steven_frost 16:53 15 Oct 2006

as far as i am aware the Fire and Ambulance services are still on the old system

  woodchip 16:54 15 Oct 2006

This is illegal without the correct authorisation

  websurfowen 17:02 15 Oct 2006

They have just recently been granted Authorisation but my mate is still unsure of the frequencys. Has anyone got any ideas of what they are. He thinks it somewhere are 400 MHZ

  spuds 17:03 15 Oct 2006

The radio supplier or communications adviser should have this information. Since the Kegworth Air Disaster, emergency service communications have improved considerably. The police are using a new system, but there appears to be a problem that may involve a human safety risk. Other emergency services are still using different frequencies and equipment for their daily routines.

  Pine Man 17:04 15 Oct 2006

Surely the best people to ask, if authorisation has been granted, are the fire and ambulance service?

  Meshuga 17:07 15 Oct 2006

Why not ask the Fire and Ambulance services. If you are allowed to have the info they will give it to you.

  Forum Editor 17:10 15 Oct 2006

If your friend hs the necessary authorisation he can get the frequencies from the Fire and ambulance services.

  Meshuga 17:12 15 Oct 2006

Pine Man, looks like we both pushed the button at the same time.

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