Embedding woes- Printing a PDF

  matthewryan2k 14:28 31 Jul 2008

Hello, I wondered if it was possible to get some reassurance that the PDF i created from an InDesign document has the text embedded correctly:

click here

It is just that today i took some images to be printed off at a professional printing place but they said the text wasn't embedded and that my chosen type ("Boopee") would come out as "Ariel" instead.

I've had a look on the internet and it looks as though the font is embedded, but I'm not 100% sure.

They are 2 images that are illustrated pieces and really need to have the correct font. Thanks

  MarvintheAndroid 22:33 31 Jul 2008

Looks OK to me.


  Woolwell 09:47 01 Aug 2008

The printer should have referred to embedded fonts not text. The problem you have is that you have used a font (Boopee) which is not commonly used. Not all systems will have that font and pdf will choose an alternative eg Ariel. To render the font correctly Boopee needs to be embedded in the pdf file.

I don't know about InDesign but you should be able to embed the font. InDesign help would be the first place that I would start looking.

  matthewryan2k 10:17 01 Aug 2008

thanks for the advice, im looking around for some tutorials and trying out some of your suggestions

  matthewryan2k 12:20 02 Aug 2008

well, i spent hours going through tutorials and advice online and i can't for the life of me see what im doing wrong.
could it be the font im using isnt embeddable? ive tried setting the font to always embed but that doesnt change the properties at all. tried printing to PDF from InDesign and that just makes the font Embedded Subset. Thought i could save the InDesign pages as TIFFs but that just reduces the quality of the text.
Read some things about printers not accepting TrueType (CID) fonts but i dont really know much about that. I printed it out at home using a different computer (one that only has Adobe Reader and not the Boopee font) and it managed to print the text as it was originaly (ie didnt change it to Arial).
Im thinking maybe the printing place has useles printers but im not sure


  jolorna 22:06 02 Aug 2008

are you using adobe to create the pdf, if so click your adobe pdf at the top of the page then click change conversion settings, then advanced settings, then fonts, then add your selected font to always embeded, then add & ok hope this helps if it isn't a standered windows font then you need to go to font source & add it to the list

  matthewryan2k 10:35 03 Aug 2008

it shows my font in the embedded font section when i checked that.
i'm not sure why it would print correctly on my home printer (connected to a different computer with adobe reader only) and not at a professional printers.

  matthewryan2k 12:09 03 Aug 2008

okay thanks, i will. if i can work out how to email you a file!

  matthewryan2k 13:01 03 Aug 2008

hmmm, maybe i should try going to another printing service then. i take it that means it is embedded, thanks

  matthewryan2k 13:13 03 Aug 2008

is it alright if i send you the file im trying to have printed (minus the images) just to check if this one was any different?

  matthewryan2k 13:29 03 Aug 2008

thanks for checking, i'll try another printing place and see how that goes.

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