embedding a MOV or FLV - can I "lock" them?

  Bansaw 15:07 03 May 2008

I want to put a set of online tutorials on my web site.
I have created them using screen capture software. (Quicktime MOV files.)

Is it possible to embed a MOV file so that people can't right-click it and download it (Quicktime Pro offers this feature).

Or, do I have to go the FLV route?

I'm wanting to charge people a couple of quid per tutorial and am a bit worried that someone would download the lot and burn them to a DVD and they'd appear on Ebay at a knockdown price!

Any ideas?

  mco 21:00 03 May 2008

you can capture pretty well most things if you have a mind to and certainly flvs can be downloaded. I mean - youtubes are flvs and you just need to type the url into a site like zamzar dot com and they will download it for you. The new RealPlayer does it too.

  sean-278262 00:20 20 May 2008

Your best bet would be to add a water mark in the video. Either throughout the duration or at the start and end. To add further security you can make it change position during the video such as bottom right to top left. This makes it harder to pirate it and then trim the video to remove the reference to your own site.

However, as MCO said there is no real way to stop people downloading them. I myself have several applications such as orbit downloader which bypass most methods of protecting videos.

  ianiro 02:19 25 Aug 2008

You can do exactly what you are trying to do with click here.

This allows you to lock FLV (Flash Video) so that you can control where it will run from - if you lock it to your server and someone copies it from your server they can't watch the video it just plays a standard "This video is protected" screen.

  mco 10:37 25 Aug 2008

but presumably if someone wanted they could still run it through screencapturing software like snagit and copy it that way?

  sean-278262 12:59 25 Aug 2008

At the end of the day MCO there will always be a way to make the video play by some manner. If someone is determined enough then they will manage it. Why not try what I suggested previously and include a link to your website. This way you will have all the credit and even if it is copied other people will know who made it in the first place.

You can only do your best to protect it and at the end of the day if it goes online expect it to be copied and saved by someone at sometime.


  mco 22:20 25 Aug 2008

Bansaw I think -but I take your point.

  ianiro 20:06 27 Aug 2008

It's possible to stop any application recording the web page if that's what you want to do.

  Bansaw 20:21 27 Aug 2008

The FLV lock looks good.

But I don't think you can 100% protect against someone using screen capture software (eg: iShowu)

The positive things is that a screen capture will not be very good quality for redistribution.

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