Embedded Media Players Stop After A Few Seconds

  hanuman1 07:18 19 Jun 2008

Hi everyone

I've embedded a couple of media players into a webpage for playback via HTTP (from a normal web server). The problem is that when the page is loading, the media player starts playing the clip - I can see/hear the content - but it always stops after a few seconds. It stops at slightly varying times, but never plays for more than 2-3 seconds. I can't see any buffering taking place and there is no error message.

The same thing happens with both Windows Media Player and Quicktime. On my local dev machine it all works fine. I have tried lowering the bit rate but to no avail.

Something seems to be interrupting the operation of the media player, or is preventing buffering.

Any help or suggestions with this would be greatly appreciated.



  TomLinny 16:23 19 Jun 2008

How large is the file you are trying to play?

  hanuman1 17:11 19 Jun 2008

About 1 MB, but I'll probably need to play anything up to 3-4 MB in future.

  hanuman1 17:31 19 Jun 2008

You can see an example of the problem here:

click here

Sometimes the clip plays for longer, but still gets cut short prematurely.

  hanuman1 18:16 19 Jun 2008

Thanks a lot for going through that - I appreciate your sacrifice!

I'm somewhat relieved it works with the right plugin, but I'll keep this issue open for now because I don't know which plugin to use. I'm using Firefox

When I check the plugins using 'about:plugins' in FF, it only tells me I'm using the 'npdsplay.dll' for WMP plugin, but no version number. I wonder which plugin FF3 uses? Do you know by any chance?

I've tried using both the old and new classid's in the embed code for WMP, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Thanks again for your generous help.

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