Embarrassing Question

  Logov 11:13 10 Apr 2003

Whilst altering my display settings I was called away to the phone, during which time my 3 year old daughter managed somehow to completely disable the display. In other words after the boot process which is successful when the pc switches to the hard drive the screen goes completely blank. I have absolutely no idea how to get it back again.
I'm assuming, after looking through the settings on my 2nd pc that she may have told the pc to disable the display adapter. I am running XP by the way. HELP!!!!!!

  rober32 11:17 10 Apr 2003

reboot in safe mode (press F8 during boot) and re-enable

  matbeard 11:19 10 Apr 2003

It's more likely that the graphics card is set to a resolution/refresh rate that your monitor can't handle, so it blanks itself rather than being damaged.

You should start in safe mode and adjust the settings to something you know works.

To get to safe mode, restart and press F8 immediately after XP starts to boot.

  matbeard 11:20 10 Apr 2003

You beat me to it...

  rober32 11:28 10 Apr 2003

If your not fast your last :-))

  Fordy 11:55 10 Apr 2003

to have a three year old daughter to blame - opps sorry :-)

  Logov 12:26 10 Apr 2003

Tried safe mode but still getting a blank screen after booting (which I see) I'm still getting a blank screen.

Is there any way of changing settings if I install HD in 2nd pc as slave?

Hi Logov.

Did you manage to resolve the issue with your video card drivers?

  rober32 12:56 10 Apr 2003

again press F8 on boot but this time select --Last known good configuration

  vaughan007 12:56 10 Apr 2003

Do you mean that you get a blank screen when you boot in safe mode?

  Logov 13:38 10 Apr 2003

Have tried evrey combination of 'safe mode' including last known config.

When trying normal safe mode I get a list which checks sys32 drivers the screen freezes on that list and wil not progress. When going through last known config after boot the screen blanks after Windows XP loading page (Windows logo with black background).

JamesF: Was in process of running through the suggested driver removal and re-installation when the above happened. My kids are my curse it would appear, still keeps everyone in the pub amused, including myself I have to admit.

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