emails on windows home screen

  ReyesKing 21:49 26 Aug 2005

i checked my friends email and now their number of emails is on my name on the windows home screen/ how do i get rid of the address and number of emails which is not mine? i wish to keep mine. thanks everybody

  shizzy 22:05 26 Aug 2005

Not sure what you mean but right click and chose delete to get rid of any unwanted messages.

  lotvic 22:15 26 Aug 2005

err.... more details please. "windows home screen" is just a bit too vague. Generally you just delete anything you don't want to keep.

what method did you use to collect your friends email (how did you do it)?

Which program? (Internet Explorer - webmail) (Outlook Express - did you create extra mail account)

What OS ? it is XP home XP pro or W98se

  ReyesKing 22:16 26 Aug 2005

hi, i mean before you have logged in, the number of emails in relation to accounts you have signed in appear.

  lotvic 22:21 26 Aug 2005

that's still too vague for anyone to be able to help. Give precise details and the program you are talking about

  ReyesKing 22:24 26 Aug 2005

i use Windows Xp. before i log into my account, it has my name and underneath a number of emails that i have in the account. I do not know to which program this number is aligned but its presumably msn hotmail because thats what i used. I have heard there is some sort of tool you can download that wipes these counts off.

  VoG II 22:30 26 Aug 2005

Don't understand. click here maybe?

  ReyesKing 22:37 26 Aug 2005

i'm at a loss as to explain it any better! i turn on the computer, windows loads and i need to log in! but, before i log in when i put the mouse over my name on the windows home screen a message saying 48 unread mail messages appears! These 48 mail messages belong to an email account which is not mine. all i wish to do is clear this message off the screen leaving only MY unread mail messages!!

  lotvic 23:40 26 Aug 2005

will this help click here

""The Welcome screen is displayed by default on Windows XP Home Edition-based computers and on Windows XP Professional-based computers that are not members of a domain. Under your name on the Welcome screen, there is a hyperlink that indicates the number of unread e-mail messages. If you click this link, it reveals which account the messages are from, and how many each e-mail provider contains. For example, if you have three unread e-mail messages, and you click the hyperlink under your name, you see the following information (where UserID is your user name for the corresponding e-mail account):
[email protected] (2)
[email protected] (1)
The hyperlink is displayed only if you have an e-mail client that is capable of updating the Welcome screen running on your computer. Currently, there are only two programs that support this feature: Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Messenger. ""

I can only suggest that you delete your friends account details in Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Messenger so that they are not there to be updated

  ReyesKing 07:57 30 Aug 2005

thanks lotvic, your help is much appreciated

  dave_and_confused 09:19 30 Aug 2005

TweakXP click here has an option under

Logon, Unread Mail.

Uncheck "Show UnRead mail On Welcome Screen"

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