Emails sent not getting through....

  ANDY-212408 19:40 21 Jul 2006

or being returned delivered.

I'm with blueyonder and over the past couple of months i have been sending emails that have not been received by the recipient but also have not been returned as undelivered. I have not changed any settings.
Th weird thing.. if they email me and i reply then it does goes through.........

Any ideas on what is happening to these emails that are disappearing into a black hole?


  ANDY-212408 22:04 21 Jul 2006

no ideas anyone?

  DieSse 22:12 21 Jul 2006

You've got their address wrong?

So a reply, which uses the return address in their email, and MUST be correct, works

  ANDY-212408 22:17 21 Jul 2006

Exact email address sent on both occasions. In fact same message has been sent once they have sent email to me!!

  ade.h 22:21 21 Jul 2006

I can't illuminate the cause of your problem, but I would suggest - as a temporary bandaid solution - that you keep at least one message from each sender and reply to it whenever you need to contact them, remembering to change the subject to suit. That way, according to your experiences, it should go through. I hope.

  DieSse 22:40 21 Jul 2006

Maybe the "black hole" is the Spam filter at the recipients end?

Do you always put in a Subject Line? - many Spam filters don't like emails without a Subject.

Maybe it's just "finger-trouble" at the other end?

  ANDY-212408 22:54 21 Jul 2006

always put in a subject line. Can't believe it is 'finger trouble' as it has now happened to 2 x recruitment agencies, a college, and numerous times to my work email.
Is it maybe something at my end despite my email (Eudora) telling me it has been sent?

Keep up the good work i am determined to get to the bottom of this as it is annoying me.


  DieSse 23:15 21 Jul 2006

I've known AV programs to cause funnies like this (though not under your circumstances (only on dial-up).

So just try disabling any outgoing message checking in your AV program.

Other than that - try some tests with OE instead of Eudora perhaps (or better still, ThunderBird).

  ANDY-212408 23:28 21 Jul 2006

I'll give the disabling a go first.

  Woolwell 00:08 22 Jul 2006

I notice that you mention agencies, colleges and work but not private individuals. I wonder if it is the anti-spam at the recipients end. There was a case recently where a planning objection e-mail was blocked because it contained the word "erection" (I think that I have that correct). Have a look at your text and see if anything could cause their anti-spam to filter it out at the incoming server.

  ANDY-212408 10:32 22 Jul 2006

three of the emails in question and cannot see any words in the subject or text field that i can see would cause anti-spam filters to block them. However that's an interesting point to be thought about in the future.
Thanks Woolwell

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