Emails Returned That Were Never Sent

  special sophie 12:14 11 Apr 2003

Hi Everyone my friend has recently been recieveing retyurned emails that she never sent in the first place. I told her to contact her ISP which is BT and they seemed to have solved the problem for a couple of days then they started again BT seem to think it's a virus what do you guys and gals think ??? Thank you xx

  Confab 12:22 11 Apr 2003

Sounds like it could be the Klez Virus. This virus can send out mails from someones PC but with your friends e-mail address in the from box. So if any mails are returned they go to your friend.


  Totally-braindead 12:22 11 Apr 2003

There are viruses which will "hijack" your address book, and there are people who will "hijack" your email address so it could be either. Ensure your friend has fully up to date antivirus software installled on their computer and get them to run it, that should tell you if its a virus problem or not.

  hgrock 12:25 11 Apr 2003

i have the same problem, it is spam if yo block it it returns laterunder a different guise, don't open it just delete it, got to live with it. or use message rules in IE to delete anything from that sender, but be careful check that the sender's address is not your exact email address because u could have a problem i think if you delete everything sent from your address

  special sophie 12:26 11 Apr 2003

Thanks just one more question if it is a virus would it infect the whole address book because i have recieved emails from her and I have a fully updated virus scanner on my system and it has detected no viruses

  Confab 12:29 11 Apr 2003

No if its Klez it wont be on her machine.

  Confab 12:30 11 Apr 2003

No its not spam. spam is unwanted mail, this is mail being returned that has not been sent.

  special sophie 12:41 11 Apr 2003

Sorry Amber not sure what you mean by "if its klez it wont be on her machine"

  special sophie 12:47 11 Apr 2003

Sorry again amber i see what you mean now

  Confab 12:51 11 Apr 2003

Sorry I should have explained. If its the Klez virus or a variant of this then the virus will be on someone elses machine. It will send out mails from his/her machine but pretending to be from your friends by putting her email address in the from box. Any retuned mail will be recieved by your friend but she will be virus free and so will you if you have recieve any mail from her.


  special sophie 14:45 11 Apr 2003

Thanks amber

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