Emails retained by server

  dave24 16:33 19 Sep 2008

I am using Windows Mail and, having downloaded all my emails yesterday, on downloading today's messages, I find that all of yesterday's are received again! I have ensured that "Leave a copy of messages on Server" is unchecked, but what else do I need to do?

  Forum Editor 17:13 19 Sep 2008

Send yourself a message in the morning, and see if it's been deleted when you do the next send and receive.

  dave24 15:07 21 Sep 2008

Thanks, but it is still happening - fortunately intermittenly, but today I downloaded over 1000 messages!

  dms_05 16:53 21 Sep 2008

Check the Account settings.

Go form Windows Mail to Tools and highlight your Account. Then select Properties and open the Advanced Tab. You will see a box (bottom of that page) saying 'Leave messages on Server'. Is that ticked?

  dave24 14:04 22 Sep 2008

"Leave messages on Server" is unticked, as recorded originally.

  DippyGirl 14:11 22 Sep 2008

What about on the server side. Several eg GMAIL have an option to say if POP client can delete or leave messages... if there is a conflict I dont know how wins - guess the server

  dave24 14:17 22 Sep 2008

Thanks for the thought. I have phoned Orange - at an extortionate cost - and they reckon that there is no problem at their end. It never happened when I was using OE, but having just switched to Vista, I am now using Windows Mail, but it is not that different from OE.

  dave24 17:16 23 Sep 2008

The problem appears to have solved itself, as the situation has reverted to normal over the last couple of days. Maybe it was a temporary glich at the server after all!

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