Emails "RE: [Doom] Anyone there?"

  Ballie 09:52 18 Feb 2005

I am getting loads of emails with the subject "RE: [Doom] Anyone there?" I have PC Cillin 2005 installed (30 day free trial) and it has not picked anything up but I do not want all the emails comming to me they are addressed to "Doom 3 server administration and management mailing list" can I stop them somehow?

  Yoda Knight 10:03 18 Feb 2005

setup a rule in ur email app to auto-delete them

  Ballie 10:05 18 Feb 2005

sorry could you walk me though this, thanks

  HappySoul 11:05 18 Feb 2005

Install click here and you can ban sender with one click.

  Belatucadrus 11:32 18 Feb 2005

Open OE, then :- Tools / Message Rules / Mail. This will open the new mail rule window. In order to delete everything from "Doom 3 server administration and management mailing list" Click in the following tick boxes; Conditions "Where the To line contains people" and Actions "Delete from server" Finally click on the blue 'Contains People' in the third Descrition box and enter the relevant Doom 3 e-mail address in the resultant window. OK it and that should be it.

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