Emails (Pt. 2)

  Les 19:40 02 Mar 2003

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My neighbour is still in trouble. The email he was trying to download was so long (3mb plus) that he stopped the download. Now he cannot received any emails at all (he says).

This is a problem I have never come across but am pretty sure that someone else has. He uses a Freeserve email account.

Anyone have any idea what he'll have to do to restore normal deliveries?

  MAJ 19:43 02 Mar 2003

Did he download Mailwasher?

  Les 19:48 02 Mar 2003

No, he hasn't Maj.

  JoeC 19:51 02 Mar 2003

click here

How to select and delete " stuck " email.

  Les 20:24 02 Mar 2003

Thanks for the link - it should do the job. I'm printing it out and will give it to him in the morning. No doubt, being the kind of feller he is that he'll ask me to do it for him - I don't really feel inclined to do that for he is a rather shameless user (before he drops you until the next problem). However, once again thanks for the info.

  Les 09:56 03 Mar 2003

The link for the Freeserve method failed - but, happy to say, the Telnet one did. He did it himself, consequently he's over the moon. Perhaps he'll get addicted like the rest of us :-))


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