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  barryoneoff 01:56 23 Jan 2003
  barryoneoff 01:56 23 Jan 2003

I'm not a great email user, all I do is read, send, and delete, but...I have about eighty received emails that I must print out to use as proof (I wont g into detail.)

The thing is that most are fairly short, and I dont really want each one on a separate sheet of A4. Is there any way I can set up to print the whole lot one after the other, filling the paper with three or four at a time, automatically?

OutlookExpress6/WinME/Epsom Stylus C60
Cheers if you can help. Wont be on line much longer, may have to reply to your input tomorrow.

  SafeHaven 02:07 23 Jan 2003

ok what i would try is...go to inbox press alt and hilight 2 or 3 mails at a time,,then go to file and print,,if that dont work copy and paste the mails to note pad and print out, if its for legal requirements i would say asve to disk pref cd..I hope that helps tc pat

  Simsy 03:12 23 Jan 2003

is "Fineprint" from click here

This is a great piece of software that allows you to, (amongst other things), print up to 8 sheets of A4 onto a single sheet. If your printer aloows it it can also acommodate double sided printing, (I think!)

It acts as a virtual printer... When you want to print something you chose "Fineprint" as the printer in the print dialog box....

The item is "printed" to fineprint. Now you can either Print this to your real printer, or "defer" it. If you choose "Defer" it holds the previously "printed" doc, (which can be anything you can print in the normal way). You can then print something else, again to fineprint, and it will add it to the previously "printed" item. You can get up to 8 emails on a single side in this way.

It's free to try, and is unlimited in duration, though there are some facility restrictions. There is a single line "advert" that appears on the bottom of each printed, (i.e. piece of paper), page that says some thing like, "Printed with Fineprint...Available at click here"

It really is superb... and they also do a pdf creator that works in a similar way.... you can even "print" using fineprint, then "print" the output of this to a pdf file using their "pdfFactory". the trial conditions for this are similar with the "advert" at the bottom of each "page"

Should you want to buy them, they are about £30 each, but can be bought as a bundle for about £50.

I hope this helps.



  barryoneoff 07:07 23 Jan 2003

Safehaven...No, their not legal, but a petty gov dept, and cd wont do. I thought of the cut & paste option but that is a last resort.

Simsy... Will give it a try, have got a few weeks so I'll try anything. Thanks a lot lads...whiz

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