Emails from Pipex to Hotmail keep bouncing

  Dragonfly2 10:57 18 Dec 2008

I can't send any emails from Pipex to any Hotmail account. The "bounce" message reads:

"5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'SC-001 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation problems."

We can receive emails from Hotmail, and Hotmail to Hotmail is OK (we've tested it), and a friend who uses btinternet for her emails has no problem getting emails to Hotmail (we've tested that too!).

I suspect this has got to be sorted out between the ISPs, it seems that Hotmail doesn't like Pipex (not surprising, neither do we in recent times; our Pipex days are probably now numbered). Has anyone else had the same problem or can offer any comments or solutions?

  OrchidsOnLine 21:34 18 Dec 2008

Assuming you are using Outlook, you need to tick the box that says "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication", under more settings in account settings.

  lotvic 21:45 18 Dec 2008

not a solution but this poster palinka has same problem with Pipex and hotmail click here

Makes me wonder if it is Pipex with the problem?

  palinka 21:59 18 Dec 2008

I've just noticed OrchidsOnLine's thread; reassuring that I'm not alone, but my account settings already have "outgoing...requires ...authentication" ticked.
IN the last half hour I've tried sending 3 test messages to the same friend (who uses Hotmail). The first one got through; the other 2 bounced, just as my email to her this morning did. She can email me, and I've just sent a reply to hers to see if that is OK or if it too bounces.
Unfortuinately, past experience suggests that Pipex will be ages replying (if they ever reply)if I write to them about it.

  Dragonfly2 22:00 18 Dec 2008

Thanks OrchidsOnline - but it didn't work. I've read Palinka's posting, and obviously there's someone else out there with the same problem.

We are wondering if, for whatever reason, Hotmail thinks a lot of spam is coming from Pipex and so has blacklisted it.

We have today posted a message with Pipex via their website, and they are supposed to be getting back to us within a working day ...dream on!!

If anyone knows what we can do about this, do let us know!

  palinka 22:12 18 Dec 2008

I'll watch this thread with interest (thanks for your response on my thread, Dragonfly2).

I've now successfully sent 2 emails this evening to my Hotmail friend (and received 2 in reply - though that was never a problem), but there's no way of knowing if it was a temporary glitch that has now been fixed, or if it's a random thing.

  Dragonfly2 14:27 19 Dec 2008

Hi -
Lucky you Palinka, we've still got problems here.

Our emails to Hotmail are still getting bounced (have just tried - 2pm Friday). But we've another problem also. We normally use Outlook Express for our Pipex emailing, and we can send via O.E. but not receive. We can get into Webmail and check our incoming emails there.

Having said that, when we tried to log into Pipex Webmail, there was a problem there, regarding a certificate error (which we just ignored and continued, which was not a recommended option).

  palinka 16:45 19 Dec 2008

Not so lucky, after all!
Just tried to send what I hoped would be a final test to the same Hotmail friend....but it bounced immediately. But one of those that got through last night was also bounced -ie I got the message about "..undeliverable.." but my friend received it!

I too get that certificate error in Pipex webmail and I too ignore the warning.

The send but not receive sounds like a separate problem; have you checked the settings in OE?
I've sometimes had the same problem (occasionally Receive but not send) when the setting has slipped - last time (several months ago) it was a clash with Mailwasher which required a different setting from the standard one.

  Dragonfly2 22:48 19 Dec 2008

To Palinka - regarding our send, but not receive, can you give us any suggestions as to what settings we should be looking at in O.E.? I had a look earlier, and couldn't see that anything had changed. But then it's not something we really look at very often.

We're still trying to contact Pipex to find out what's going on (by email)- no luck yet though. Like you, we keep checking, and everything bounces. We've all also got Hotmail email addresses, so the process is easy.

  WillW88 09:26 20 Dec 2008

I also can't send email's to any hotmail a/c but can receive hotmail emails tried again this morning still get message not delivered, this started on Friday same as Dragonfly2. Also I use Windows Live Mail. I can use my hotmail a/c to send to pipex a/c but not vice visa.

  anchor 09:34 20 Dec 2008

I have exactly the came problem which has only started this week. I use Outlook.

Oddly, I can send to Hotmail if I log in to my old Lineone account with Tiscali, I can then send via the Tiscali web mail.

As we all know, Pipex is run by Tiscali.

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