Emails and Opera

  Salut 12:16 08 Jan 2009

Before Christmas I started to use Opera, prompted by the Microsoft security issues.

So far so good. That said, I have noticed that emails I reply to always contain the orignal message. This can lead to increasing larger messages being bounced backwards and forwards.

I have looked on the Opera forum to see if I can set the system so as not to attach original messages but have not had any luck.

Any ideas as to how I can tailor the emails system-maybe, even something that I have overlooked.

Lastly, every so often Opera hogs the CPU (around 98%) any thoughts as to why it does this??

  palinka 16:11 08 Jan 2009

Don't use Opera so I don't know, and I have my system set to include the original email at the bottom of my reply ----but I can simply delete that part after I've written my reply and before sending (highlight the relevant part; click delete). you could try that as a temorary method.
The method to NOT inc original message in Outlook Express/Windows mail is Tools>options>send, then untick "include message in reply". If you can find something similar in opera.......

  Woolwell 17:00 08 Jan 2009

Opera is a browser not an e-mail client unless you are using webmail. Wherever you are sending you e-mails from (Outlook, Outlook Express, Tunderbird, or webmail) there should be an option not to include the original message in the reply.

  Woolwell 17:03 08 Jan 2009

oops - hadn't realised that Opera has an e-mail client built in.

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