Emails with Onetel (UK) Can send but not receive!

  Sapins 16:09 02 Jan 2003
  Sapins 16:09 02 Jan 2003

My Brother-in-Law has been trying to set up an account with Onetel (UK) after numerous calls to technical assistance he could not get the account activated. I emailed Onetel and they sent me the details to set up the account. Before I did this he had a problem with the phone line and all calls were being sent to his mobile. Not expecting anything to work until the line was repaired I went ahead and talked him through the set-up. We found he could send emails but not receive them. The phone line is now working ok but he still cannot receive emails. Can anyone help with this before he finds another ISP, which some may think is not a bad idea!
I can send him an email and I do not get a rejection message.

  cdb 16:18 02 Jan 2003

What software is he using to recieve his e-mails? It might just be a set up error in that program. Check your settings against his, if you're both using the same software. Although it could be something completely different as i'm no expert.

  spikeychris 16:20 02 Jan 2003

In the POP box does it say ""?


  Sapins 17:02 02 Jan 2003

HI cdb and spikeychris, yes we are both using Outlook Express 6.0 and it does say "" in the POP box as well as the SMTP box. We have checked and double checked all the settings for both of us because I found he had missed the full stop before "net" the first time he tried.

  spikeychris 17:13 02 Jan 2003

What happens when he trys to send an email to himself?

  Lew2 17:30 02 Jan 2003

A shot in the dark with my suggestion. I use onetel as an ISP and had the same problem to start with. Despite numerous phone calls to onetel and getting numerous useless replies I eventually found that they had not registered ny address on their server(s) which meant that I could send E-mails OK but the 'gateway' was shut tight for receiving E-mails. Might I suggest that you approach them again and question them as to whether your address is registered on their servers, and give them a right rollicking if they admit that they haven't. Apart from that I have found Onetel very reliable.
Best of luck

  Lew2 17:37 02 Jan 2003

I forgot to mention, when I did eventually get receipt of E-mails I was flooded out with all mail that I (and friends) had sent out testing the system, they were all waiting for the 'gate' to open. I also did not receive rejection notices.
Happy New Year

  Sapins 10:34 03 Jan 2003

spikeychris,I'll tell him to try this today.
Hi Lew2, I've emailed Onetel re registering address and am awaiting their reply, they sent me the settings within 2hours before but maybe I've struck a nerve this time! Will have to tell B-In-Law to phone them, more expense there.

  Sapins 09:09 04 Jan 2003

Morning Lew2, onetel have confirmed, by phone, the address is registered. Maybe they will respond to my emails positively. Can you suggest anything else we could try?

  Lew2 19:18 04 Jan 2003

Hi Sapins
The only other suggestions that I can offer are
a) thoroughly check that your incoming mail server account name is as it should be. Onetel were adamant that I could not use a fullstop in the first part i.e [email protected] I had to use an underscore i.e [email protected]
b) Ask them to check their server for 'stored' mail, if they say there is ask why. That way the ball is back in their court and it is their responsibility to get it to you pronto.
c) Ask them to send you an E-mail.


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