emails in O/express & Bt yahooBroad band

  wadham 10:21 22 Feb 2005

The E-Mails listed in both these are different from each other. Why is this please?

  Fellsider 12:57 22 Feb 2005

In what way are they different?

  VoG II 13:07 22 Feb 2005

Do you mean they are listed in a different order?

If you click the column headings in Outlook Express you can change the sort order.

  wadham 18:35 22 Feb 2005

They are completly diferent mails. One list is from totally different senders to those on the other.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:42 22 Feb 2005

Do you have two different email accounts?

Or are the ones in outlook express those which have been downloaded.

Go into options of OE and tell it not to delete from server for a few days.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 22 Feb 2005

Not very clear is it.

What I meant was to suggest is that when you look at the web, the mails there have not been downloaded to OE. When downloaded to OE they will be deleted from the server so there will be different ones on the webserver.

  wadham 10:19 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for come backs.I connect to internet via Speedtouch USB icon on D/top, then to O/express. At the moment there is 1 mail in inbox from E-bay unread, sent on 22nd. Now I connect to yahooBroad band, go to E-mail & there are 3 mails, none the same as that in O/exp. I have only one Address. I connect to internet via speedtouch as i am connected in less than 2secs! Then I get to yahoo from Shortcut icon in LH bot corner.

  wadham 10:24 23 Feb 2005

PS When I go to BTyahoo I'm asked if I want to make BT my default browser? I say No. Is this significant/

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