emails not reaching destination

  naviator 01:09 17 Jul 2011

I am using Windows XP Home, and Windows Internet Explorer. Everything is up to date. One addressee though frequently doesn't receive some emails I send. I never have any notification that they are undeliverable and they simply vanish apart from appearing in the 'Sent items' list on my computer. We have jointly checked our email addresses and find them correct. My server is Orangehome and I have used them for years without problem. This addressee uses and we are in the same village where Broadband is good. I appear not to have a problem elsewhere with emails. If anyone else has had a similar experience I would be interested to hear.

  Devil Fish 01:35 17 Jul 2011

Has your friend checked the spam folder for these E-Mails if not may be worth a check some of the spam filters can be quite agressive

if it is going their all they have to do is mark it as not spam then it should go to their in box in future

  AroundAgain 03:12 17 Jul 2011

Yes, I'm having a similar problem with one friend of mine. Sometimes she receives them, sometimes she doesn't. So, I have given her an alternative address, although still It's too early to tell if this will prove to be more reliable.

Yes, spam/jumk folders all checked but not there.

I am running Win XP, Thunderbird; ISP is BT

I have only occasionally, knowingly, lost an email but, during the past 2 weeks, it has become rather an issue.

Whether my missing emails have anything to do with your emails I don't know. It would be rather a coincidence, I think. However, I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anything helpful comes up.


  naviator 08:28 17 Jul 2011

Thank you for your replies. We in fact have both checked our spam folders. I always do anyway, before I empty, it in case anything slips through.

  Ian in Northampton 11:10 17 Jul 2011

I worry sometimes that my ISP - Plusnet - spam filters everything. I get 0.01% spam in my Outlook inbox - which tells me that Plusnet's spam filter must be very, very aggressive. I sometimes wonder if the spam filter stops stuff getting to me that I might want to see. That said, I've never not received an email - i.e. I think everything legitimate is getting through - so Plusnet must be doing something right. I just wonder if your emails are getting randomly blocked by your ISP? You'd think spam filtering would be consistent - i.e. always allow or always deny emails from a given address - but I know from my work email that the spam filter there can be pretty random.

  spuds 12:24 17 Jul 2011

As previously suggested, it could be a spam filter problem, especially if the filter is trying to pick up an offensive word or meaning.

Does the email address have any particular wording or questionable lettering?.

  wee eddie 14:28 17 Jul 2011

May I suggest a possible cause.

If you had got the eMail address wrong, then you would got a Notification saying that the eMail was undeliverable. As you have not told us that you have recieved such a notification, it may be that you are sending to the wrong person.

for example, you may be addressing your mail to [email protected]com and Joe will be getting it, but not necessarily your Joe, who might be [email protected]

  naviator 21:17 17 Jul 2011

There are no offensive words or lettering involved and the addressee has confirmed the address used as being So, we each have the correct addresses. A test email was sent to me and I pressed the 'Reply' key to send an acknowledgement so that the correct address was used when I sent it and, when I phoned,it still hadn't been received. It's difficult to know what to try next! Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

  rickd 11:45 18 Jul 2011

I had the same about a year ago with orange. Email was intermittently not getting to one particular company domain address, everything else was fine, and I could contact them through my domain webmail. Pulled my hair out for a week and trying everything from sending from different PC's and email packages to contacting the servers of the person I was trying to reach to check they were not blacklisting me. Don't bother phoning Orange as you'll only be palmed off with advice to reset your router, check your email details, check your spam filters, blah blah... (I assume you HAVE done such basic things). I suggest you first try sendng an email from different places i.e. your orange webmail account and from another webmail or email account, different PC to prove that the recipient is OK and it really isn't you or your PC. Then I contacted orange support and left a ticket with the specific details of who I was trying to reach and my email account details and what steps I'd taken.
They replied with "I'm sorry to learn of the issues that you're experiencing sending emails to some recipients. I can advise you that Orange is currently aware of issue-affecting customers, whereby, some ISPs have blocked emails sent from Orange servers as Spam. This matter has been escalated to the highest department and they're in contact with the blacklisting agencies to resolve this issue as soon as possible."

A couple of days later the problem went away. That was a year ago.

Suggest you try the same, but DO first check that it's not something silly. In fairness, orange probably get thousands of people calling everyday who simply don't know how to troubleshoot basic email problems, so its not surprising you get the run around unless you can show that it's a real problem. Hope this helps.

  naviator 13:24 18 Jul 2011

Thank you for your informative reply. Since my last I have sent one of the emails concerned to my son in Lancashire together with the address of the addressee. He relayed it on and I have just received an email direct from the recipient to tell me it has been received. It is one way around the problem but doesn't solve the original issue. I will do as you suggest and contact orangehome and hope that the thing will go away as in your case!

  naviator 14:34 18 Jul 2011

To: RICKD: I wonder if you could give me the phone number you used to talk to Orangehome? I've been to the WWW and ther appear to be hundreds of different sites for them.


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