Emails with no from, to or subject

  Claremarianne 14:05 14 May 2006

We have a problem when we receive emails from the organiser of a club that we belong to. She sends out information about events, using BT Yahoo. What we receive is an email with nothing in the FROM, TO & SUBJECT columns, and the email itself is very hard to decipher. We can see from "Message Source" under "Properties" that there is a lot of control information missing. It starts off with part of the message, usually leaves out the first few lines, then there are loads of codes, usually with bits of the rest of the message in between the codes. Other details are:

When she sends us the information personally, just to us and not as part of a group, no problem
Nobody else in the group except us has reported this problem

We've never had this problem from anyone else
She uses Windows ME, and BT Yahoo for emails (not Outlook Express)

The BT Yahoo account that she uses only contains the people in the club, so there is no group, everyone in the account's address book is on the email circulation list.

Her ISP is BTInternet, ours is now Pipex (broadband) (used to be Freeserve, dial-up), same problem experienced with both our ISPs

This has us stumped. Can anyone out there help?

  john-232317 14:52 14 May 2006

Is it just you receiving like that or everyone in the club ?

  Graham ® 15:01 14 May 2006

:-) "Nobody else in the group except us has reported this problem"

  Graham ® 15:03 14 May 2006

Can you forward the email to the sender, and see how it arrives back?

  dms05 15:21 14 May 2006

Does she send in Plain Text or HTML? Does she use the standard encoding? Do you? It sounds as if they are in Plain Text and you are seeing very small characters because YOUR email programs settings for Plain Text has a very small font set.

If they are sent in HTML then you could have your email client set to only display in Plain Text (I do!).

Try changing your settings - either select view as HTML and/or increase the font size in Plain Text. It varies from email client to email client on how you do this, but you can! You should then be able to read the emails.

  Claremarianne 16:55 14 May 2006

dms05: When we receive the strange emails, they are sent in HTML. The OK ones are sent in plain text. Can't see how to change our settings to "view as HTML" as you suggest - ???? PS: we don't have a problem with small characters or small font, just loads of gobbledygook-type codes all embedded in the bit of understandable message that gets through.

  Claremarianne 08:37 15 May 2006

Update: We are working with our friend to see a pattern in what we are now calling "strange emails". Sometimes she types directly into the email, sometimes cuts and pastes from Word, sometimes forwards someone else's email. What really intrigues us is that of the 50 or so people on the email circulation list concerned, nobody else has reported the problem, despite being asked. And it doesn't always happen - we are trying to see a pattern. Any more ideas gratefully received please!

  dms05 11:03 15 May 2006

Why don't you ask the sender to select your email account as 'send in Plain text only'. She should be able to do that and probably get a prompt if trying to send HTML saying 'this recipient prefers Plain text - send as Plain Text, HTML or both'. It doesn't solve the 'why' but maybe you can then read all the emails!

I have my email client set to 'read only as plain text' and HTML's are converted to plain text when received. I can change the view so I can look at the HTML version if I need to.

Good luck!

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