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  Mac1943 18:24 06 May 2004

Every now and again, legitimate emails in my Outlook Express inbox are marked as SPAM (in capitals) and this preceeded and followed by 3 asterisks. Has anyone any idea what program may be inserting? Not a major problem but it niggles. Thanks, Mac

  pharte 19:19 06 May 2004

I have the same problem myself and it's escalating........many are the same porn site as well......I have tried to block and filter using message rules and the words spam in capitals, small letters and with and without the asterixes but 95 new spam porn messages arrived in my inbox from wamadoo today.

blocking using certain words is useless as they put a string of random words in the message body to make it harder to block them.

i now have a blocked senders list of hundereds but as they come from different addreses I can go on forever.

anyone got any ideas of how to block them using the ***SPAM*** prefix put on them by wanadoo as I can't seem to be able to make it work

  Belatucadrus 19:31 06 May 2004

Probably the ISP, I've found Freeserve/Wanadoo marking some of my messages as Spam when they're not. I have yet to find a way of stopping it.

  pharte 22:31 06 May 2004

I'm sure that u can change the "not spam" setting in o.e.

I am still attempting to send all messages already marked as spam by wanadoo straight into delete folder but for the life in me I can't.

ideas where i'm going wrong anyone ?

  pharte 21:39 07 May 2004

c'mon u guys I could do with an answer on this one........I've recieved over 100 spam email today all from wanadoo and all marked with an ***SPAM*** header to define it as spam in the message header.

I need to be able to bulk block all messages with this header but I have tried every configuration of words using the header to no avail.

  dewskit 22:56 07 May 2004

I get emails marked as **SPAM** by SpamPal

What I did was: Outlook Express:
Click on Message

Create Rule from Message
Select Conditions for your Rule

1 Select Conditions
Check: Where the Subject Line Contains Specific Words

2 Select the Actions for Your Rule
Check: Delete It

3 Rule Description
Check: Where the Subject Line Contains Specific Words

Click on highlighted words

Type into Box: '**SPAM**'

This should send all incoming emails with SPAM in the Header straight into the Deleted Folder where you can check them before emptying it.

Hope this helps


  Mac1943 07:54 08 May 2004

Thanks for all contributions Re: emails marked as spam'. (Two of the emails from PC Advisor to notify me that I had received responses, were prefixed with ***SPAM***.) Yesterday, I emailled Freeserve / Wannado for information but as yet no reply. I will now follow Tony's (dewskit)instructions. Mac

  georgemac 08:02 08 May 2004

I am using a service from filterspam click here which basically downloads your email from your isp, filters out all the spam and then you connect to the filterspam server to collect only your genuine mail.

It is free at the moment, don't know if they have any plans to start charging, but it is very effective.

It retains all the junk mail for 7 days and then deletes it. You can view the spam on their server anytime to see if there is any genuine mail in there, and you simply identify it as good mail.

  anniecat 09:36 08 May 2004

I got filterspam last week and they are certainly as good as their word.. unfortunately for me I signed up over the weekend they had a problem and I got no mail .. not even spam, but everything seems fine now and they are as good as their word.. AB FAB not one spam into my OE inbox and if they aren't sure they mail you and ask for you decide if you want mail from that sender... BRILL !!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  anniecat 09:49 08 May 2004

the only trouble with blocking mailers in OE settings is that you still get the mail, it just dumps it straight into deleted folder which you still have to act on.. and you have to block them in the first place.. filterspam does all that for you, I guess after a while when you have got all your legitimate mailers registered in their "good" filter there's no need to even go to look at the spam, unless you get legit mail from strangers anyway, for example if your address is on anyones or your own website offering a service of some kind ( not business, filterspam have a trial version for business)

  Gongoozler 09:50 08 May 2004

Freeserve mark emails that their spam filter thinks are probably spam with the prefix ***SPAM***. The problem with spam filters is that none of them is 100% accurate, and just like antivirus programs, there are always false positives. I have set up a message rule to put all emails with ***SPAM*** straight into the "Deleted Items" folder, but I always check for false positives before I empty the "Deleted Items" folder though.

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