Emails fail to deliver

  Publisher 18:59 28 Dec 2005

I often get emails that I have sent to my father returned with the messsage;

SMTP error from remote server in greeting:
550-Host is listed at as spam.
550 See: Blocked - see click here

What does this mean and how do I stop it happening?

Who is


  Skyver 19:24 28 Dec 2005

What ISP(s) are you and your father using?

  Publisher 19:32 28 Dec 2005

I am with and he is with


  Publisher 19:34 28 Dec 2005

I can send emails to everybody else with no problem, its just him I can't send to without that response, so I assume its something to do with his ISP.


  Skyver 19:45 28 Dec 2005

Yes, the `netline` blurb in the message you get is one of Supanet's email servers rejecting the email, why it's picking up that IP address in the email I don't know (it appears to belong to a German organisation) - can you use Hotmail or a different free service when your Force9 emails are rejected?

  Skyver 19:47 28 Dec 2005

Take a good look at the entire header of the `rejected mail` message, see where/if appears - a quick guide as to how to understand headers; click here

  Publisher 19:48 28 Dec 2005

no, that isn't really practical as my father is 84 and would be totally confused by the change of email address for me.

Could my father have inadvertently 'clicked' on something on his PC to achieve the effect? He has XP


  Skyver 19:53 28 Dec 2005

It's not getting as far as his PC, the ISP's email server is rejecting it. You may need to contact their help & support to find out why they're blocking that IP address and if there's anything you can do;
Try startmenu/run, type `tracert`
See if appears in the list.

  Publisher 19:58 28 Dec 2005

OK Thanks for that, I know his password etc (cos I set up his account) so I can try and get in touch with them.



  Skyver 20:00 28 Dec 2005

More info here (relating to F9's spam policy really but some useful info) click here
You can paste the entire `rejected` email here for an analysis; it's really for actual spam but may provide some clues, click here
Supanet help pages here; not much of relevance to your actual problem but perhaps you could contact someone there click here

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