emails download(apparently) but cannot find them

  palinka 19:42 12 Jan 2005

OS is XP, using OE for emailing. My sister has been away for a while. returned to find 91 emails waiting to download; 1st was downloded Ok, but tho it says "downloading 2 of 91", or even "30 of 91....etc", no more emails after the 1st are appearing in her inbox. Where are they? Help!

  originalmiscellany 20:04 12 Jan 2005

that they've already been read online (e.g. through yahoo/hotmail) and so although they're being downloaded they won't show up as a "new" emails?

  palinka 20:15 12 Jan 2005

thanks for that, originalmiscellany; I think I may have solved it for her. She's on a dial-up and as many of the emails are very big they take an age to dowmnload. She disconnected after an hour, then reconnected (cos of the 5.5p an hour with BT) and then all those that had already arrived were downloaded again, and slotted into the list next to the original copy!
Can anyone suggest a way of stopping this dual downloading happening (for future reference)?

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