Emails bouncing back

  Lynds 20:17 20 Jan 2004

We have one email address that keep sending this back as it has blocked emails from our account: host []: 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using Occasionally we get directed to SORBS but i dont understand it from there.

We were originally with BT, they said it was the recipient that was blocking it, the recipient tech support says it is our smtp causing the problem. We moved to Tesco and now freeserve and it is still happening, has anyone any suggestions as neither our IP or the recipient IP is taking responsibility? Occasionally things do go through. Cheers

  billyliv 20:24 20 Jan 2004

Hi, Could be that the recipient has a spam blocker and your mail is being regarded as 'Spam'

  Lynds 21:03 20 Jan 2004

I dont believe so but i will check just in case, as far as i know they have a regular virus scan. They have no problem in sending us emails, or send/receive from anyone else, even my hotmail goes through ok. The same applies to us, we have no problem with any other emails.

  AndyJ 22:01 20 Jan 2004

I have the same problem sending through; it worked OK yesterday, but today again the same as you.

I can only presume they're using a poorly set up filter and that something in the email is causing it to flag up as spam (which it isn't). I go through Blueyonder by the way,

Anyhow, for me it's in the interest of the person at the other end to get the mail and doesn't affect me at at all - so I used the "I'm Alright Jack" approach and will wait to see if I hear from them

  Lynds 09:00 21 Jan 2004

I thought so AndyJ! Well it is family so i guess i shouldnt put their nose out too much, but if i cant send i suppose it is their look out. They are still saying their tech guy says it is nothing to do with them, we will have to leave it at that i suppose. Cheers guys

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