Emails blocked by BT / Yahoo

  Lionel M 22:28 14 Jul 2008

Is there any way of finding our which ISP I can change to so that my emails can get delivered to BT and Yahoo emails addresses?

It appears that Yahoo (and BT) use a whitelist of email servers; my ISP's email servers are mostly not on that list; as a result most emails are marked as spam with a header line X-YahooFilteredBulk: [IP address]

I am looking for an ISP with good service, and that offers IMAP email, but am baffled as to how to check this issue out. I am not keen on the obvious answer (swap to BT) as that is giving in to unfair competition.

I have also tried complaining to Yahoo, but their answer is that people receiving emails can check their own Bulk (Spam) folders. However my experience is that a lot of people (especially those using POP) don't check their spam folders and assume that the spam filter does a wonderful job.

What is ironic is tha my ISP (PlusNet) is owned by BT!

  nosharpe 22:33 14 Jul 2008

You can sign up to AOL email for free and it's IMAP.
And you don't have to subscribe to them as your ISP.

  Taff™ 07:24 15 Jul 2008

I don`t think that it`s PlusNet`s servers that are being blocked. It`s more likely to be your IP address or e-mail address. You`ve probably been blacklisted for sending mass e-mails, even if they are legitimate. Most ISP`s watch e-mail traffic and have a limit on the number being sent in a short period of time.

I use two methods of communicating with members of a Society. (Distribution Lists foe messages with attachments or Mailmerge to e-mail for text only communication) I had the same problem as you with Pipex earlier this year when I noticed that e-mails being replied to had been marked as Spam. I spoke to Pipex who admitted that their limits had been reduced. It`s about 30 individual messages at a time for e-mail merge. With Distribution lists I can get away with about 60 providing the overall size of the attachments are less that 1.5Mb.

Last weekend I used PlusNet to send out over 250 e-mails, 30 at a time over a 45 minute period. There were no issues with BT or Yahoo recipients as far as I am aware - I received several replies from these e-mail addresses.

  walesrob 08:19 15 Jul 2008

Ive come across this situation before, and it seems neither BT, Yahoo or plusnet seem have the will to resolve the issue. I'll go with the view shared by nosharpe - use an email provider independent of your ISP. The best email providers tend to charge a small fee, but you do get a more superior email service compared to ISP's.

For paid email services with a mass mailing facility and overall good quality service, check out Fastmail click here or Tuffmail click here Both have trial accounts so you can test drive the service.

For free services, IMHO, Gmail is a good starter - generally they have decent spam filtering. AOL and Hotmail/Live I would avoid, as my experience with them found emails deleted before I have a chance to read them, i.e. emails were basically blackholed.

There are also many smaller free email services, Lavabit,,, to name a few.

  Lionel M 21:44 15 Jul 2008

Thanks for the suggestions - I will experiment.

I have been using a Yahoo account to check how messages are received, and find that those I send from PlusNet are mostly marked as spam, even from an account name I hardly use.

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