Emails being blocked

  drbes 18:32 06 May 2004

About 3 months ago I suddenly started receiving numerous daily emails stating my messages were undeliverable or they were being returned to me [various reasons such as abuse, viruses, violations, etc.]. Only problem is that the messages are not mine although they do show my main email address as the sender for some unknown reason. I have not sent any of these messages and all the messages were sent to addresses I have never heard of. The result is that I can no longer send emails to my many friends and contacts as my messages are being blocked by their ISP, etc. They are still sending messages to me though and I cannot reply to let them know my messages are being blocked to them. My computer has been "clean" and still is and none of my address book contacts has received any of these messages purporting to come from me. I have tried using my other email address [with the same ISP] but that address is also being blocked. This address has only ever been used 6 times to send emails and has never been used on any web page or displayed anywhere on any Internet form, etc. Someone suggested that my address had been "stolen" from a genealogical message board specifically for the purpose of sending out abusive and virus laden messages to all and sundry. Why has the 2nd address also been affected? My ISP is BT who have been emailed numerous times re this and so far I have had no response other than the usual standard message that my message will be dealt with in time! Is there any way of dealing with this problem so that I can regain contact with my friends by email?

  Gaz 25 18:55 06 May 2004

Spoofed yuor E-mail address,

see click here and search for e-mail spoofing, you will soon see your problem described. However since this is a virus that is spreading that is using your e-mail address, there is little you can do.

  drbes 21:27 10 May 2004

It does look like "spoofing". My ISP is BT Yaholl who have been less than helpful and just send numerous standard emails re downloading the latest antivirus stuff, etc. and refuse to discuss the problem. I have resorted to emailing the postmasters at the various ISPs to advise of the problem and see if it resolves the matter.

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