EMAILs 99% containing viruses???

  MikeyT 12:21 07 Apr 2004

I am sick of getting these emails from eejit's saying basically 'see attachment'. As i do not know the sender I delete them but wonder if there is an easier way rather than block them with Norton Anti Spam (they are always different senders). I ma getting hit about 15-20 times per day and me and outlook express are tired of this. Any advice or is it just to continue with Norton AS?

  GaT7 12:40 07 Apr 2004

1. Don't give out your e-mail address to anyone except family, friends & people/sites you trust.

2. If you are unsure about certain websites do NOT provide your details or (if you have no alternative) consider giving an e-mail address you can easily dispose off, so if it becomes infested with too much junk/spam/viruses you can just delete it at your ISP/e-mail provider & create a new one. Or use Mailinator click here or SpamGourmet click here

3. I'd suggest you pre-check your e-mail BEFORE downloading them to your PC using programs like MailWasher click here, ePrompter click here or POP Peeper click here. Ever since I started using them about 6 months ago I haven't had a single e-mail virus (many before using them) or spam/junk reach my PC. All the above programs let you preview your messages & you can delete dodgy messages directly off the server before they even have a chance to mess with your PC.

Good luck, G

  Valvegrid 13:01 07 Apr 2004

Good advice from Crossbow7, just one thing, if you are using MailWasher, for havens sake don't bounce emails though because the spammers are wise to these programs now and you'll end up with even more spam because they've received a bounced email from your address.

  MikeyT 13:04 07 Apr 2004

have downloaded Mailwasher and run it. Seems like it will do the trick. However, I take it I have to run MW without OE running, then delete as necessary (No bounces!!) and then when happy close it down and then run OE. Is that right?

  Valvegrid 13:15 07 Apr 2004

That's right, run MW first to manage your emails, then when your happy with what's left read and reply to your emails in OE in the normal way.

  GaT7 13:17 07 Apr 2004

In MW go to Tools -> Options. On the General tab, check the box* 'Launch e-mail application after processing'.

Yes, run only MW first without OE. Put a check mark in the box(es) to delete any unwanted messages. Then press 'Process Mail'. After it deletes your unwanted messages MW will automatically start OE for you.

On the other hand, if you'd rather do it manually uncheck the above box* & run OE after all unwanted messages have been deleted.

  MikeyT 13:19 07 Apr 2004


  GaT7 13:22 07 Apr 2004

If you have multiple e-mail address from many different ISPs you can use ePrompter or POP Peeper. You'll have to get the Pro version of MW to use multiple e-mails/ISPs - click here

  sattman 17:06 07 Apr 2004

Are you actually getting emails with virus attachments?

If so it may be that the easier solution will be to cancel and replace the effected address

  GaT7 17:20 07 Apr 2004

Yes, that's right, thanks sattman : ) I knew I forgot something!

You'll have to inform everyone you gave your affected email address(es) to about the change & also about the new one(s).

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