Les 21:54 28 Feb 2003

My neighbour has just asked me if he's in trouble with receiving emails. He has just said that he has successfully downloaded 2 of 3 - the third was still downloading and, he says, the byte count has reached over 3 mb. Is there a limit on the size of email messages? I told him that, as he has already received 2 messages then his equipment must be in order, but, as he is a businessman he is concerned that he may lose an order.

Any Ideas?

  woodchip 21:57 28 Feb 2003

If it's downloading a Mail he should let it complete.

  tbh72 21:59 28 Feb 2003

I know freeserve allow emails to be upto 10mb in size, Does he know what this e-mail is?? Is he expecting pictures or software from someone.

  woodchip 22:00 28 Feb 2003

PS If he gets MailWasher he will be able to look at mail without downloading. He will not be able to download any more mail now until he competes the download of that mail that's taking some time unless he use's mailwasher to delete it at isp

  Les 22:04 28 Feb 2003

3 mins for a reply - wow, that's a record (for me!)

What I actually said to him Woodchip was - if the byte count received is still going up (also the bytes sent)then it must be downloading an enormous message - or it has a very large uncomopressed picture.

However, Woodchip - as he rings me only when he has trouble I'm not expecting another ring to tell me what has happened. I thought that I had heard, somewhere, that there was a limit to the size of emails so my curiosity was aroused.

Thanks again for such a swift response.

  Les 22:17 28 Feb 2003


He does have a Freeserve account so it looks as though someone has sent him an enormous file as an attachment.


He doesn't have Mailwasher, I'll suggest to him that he gets a copy.

Thanks to both.

  woodchip 22:29 28 Feb 2003

PS to use MailWasher He will have to use that to get mail to look at first before opening Outlook

  woodchip 22:30 28 Feb 2003

PS again Double click message header

  Les 22:42 28 Feb 2003

I use Mailwasher to rid myself of all the junk mail - it's a good program! As Junk Mail exceeds the legitimate Mail I'm thankful for it!!

I'll tell him how to use it - should he decide to get it.

As I said earlier, he hasn't updated me with what happened - whether it had completed or not.

Thanks again

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