maco2078 20:53 08 May 2009

I have AOL here on my laptop and I can also get online via IE on my desktop and access MSN, AOL or whoever.

My Lexmark is attached to my desktop PC(it won't work with this laptop) and there was a time if I wanted to upload and email anything ie photo's or anything I had scanned such as a newspaper cutting, etc I just used to switch the Lexmark on and send it (attach it) and AOL email would open up and Wallah! off it would go.

However, now I cannot send anything.

An email does come up and it has an old tiscali address as server (I was with them briefly).

So, Im trying to figure out now how can I configure to get either AOL or Hotmail or MSN to send any emails.

I can access Hotmail and send enails from there to here or whatever and vice versa, I just cannot get anything sent out from there???

Also, I have a Samsung/Vodaphone mobile with video's and pics on that I'd like to upload either onto the laptop or PC desktop.Also, my new Sagem DTR can upload lots of pics to my TV.

I believe I need a USB stick, but which sort do I get and roughly how much is the cost.

Someone told me I should have got one with the phone.


  robin_x 04:04 10 May 2009

I have V'fone/Samsung SGH-600 with removable/upgradeable microSD card (max 2GB)

These SIM sized cards can fit in USB adaptor to efectively make a memory stick for your PC/DTR as well.
Available Tesco's, Amazon and loads of other places. I recommend Sandisk stuff from Amazon based on price and I havent had any problems.

click here

Just search something general in amazon like "2GB" and you will see loads of stuff.

I have a few 4GB and 8GB cards as well which I use for file transfers and backups.
Beware that some people report reliability issues (sudden failure) on many cards/sticks so have alternative backups.

They are cheap enough to throwaway, but of course data is valuable.

For the phone, if you dont have mem card you will need a USB cable to link to PC or Bluetooth whatever.
see for transfer software for your phone. I use Samsung's "PC Studio". It's a heap of junk and often fails to connect or crashes. But it gets there with a little persistence.

For uploading by mem card/adaptor or mem stick to your Sagem DTR. I also have a Sagem DTR (64160T)
but have never tried USB transfers with it.
And judging by the amount of hassle reported on Digital Spy Forum/Sagem, I dont think I will bother.
click here

As for your email printer problems, I cant help. Good luck.

  crosstrainer 07:30 10 May 2009

You need to delete the old tiscali account first:

Open mail (or outlook)

Tools>options accounts

Highlight and delete the old redundant tiscali account.

Then click "ADD"

Type in the settings for your current provider, following the prompts.

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