Emailing a video clip....

  sorefingers 15:35 24 Jun 2004

I have some short video clips I made on my Canon A70 - they are about 5mb in size. Can I change them to another file type in order to send them more easily online.
The file shows up as a MVI video clip when downloaded.
Thanks for any help.

  Pesala 17:17 24 Jun 2004

Not one I'm familiar with. Windows *.WMV video clips compress quite a lot with the right zip program.

7-zip is about as good as it gets click here but you will need to make a self-extracting archive in *.exe format if your friend's archive program doesn't support the 7z format.

Windows\Help\Tour\Video\Nuski.wmv compressed from 491K to 196K using 7-zip. JPG or MPEG formats tend to compress very little.

  GroupFC 17:35 24 Jun 2004

If you have xp post back.

I'll have a look tonight when I get home because doing this from memory I think you could import the video clip into windows moviemaker (which comes with xp) and then try e-mailing them from there. My re-collection is that wmm2 has a option to e-mail the clip and this will then compress the file to make it easier, but it'll have to wait until I get hope to check my theory!

Out of interest, I too have the A70, but have not yet used the video on it (I have a camcorder too, so no real need!). Are you sure of the file type (MVI?) because this is not one I've come across?

  britto 17:45 24 Jun 2004

My canon a40 makes avi files, mvi is the prefix

  britto 17:55 24 Jun 2004

If you right click the file and send to mail recipient it will compress it by about a third

  GrayOne 17:56 24 Jun 2004

I had a look at an advert for the Canon A70 and it mentioned AVI not MVI. My own digital camera produce AVI files so maybe that's the file type.

  sorefingers 18:15 24 Jun 2004

...its AVI not MVI...I have XP home.
Just tried right clicking and mail to client and it reduced the file size by about a third - that's an improvement, thanks britto!

  GaT7 18:19 24 Jun 2004

If you have to send larger files (even upto 1GB) & everything else doesn't do, use YouSendIt - click here. HTH, G

  Cook2 00:43 25 Jun 2004

Try right clicking on the clip ans Open With Windows Media Player. When the window pops up saying the extension is not recognised, do you want the player to try... Click Yes.

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