Emailing a TV recording

  roygbiv 12:01 15 Sep 2005

I have just had a phone call from a relative, who is away on holiday in Cyprus. They kno I have a TV item (15 minutes max.), on DVD, and they want me to try and send it by email.

Is this possible (and legal)?
Plus (if so) how to do it. TIA ALAN

  Muckle 12:15 15 Sep 2005

It will probably be too big to e-mail - copy it and send by snail mail!

  roygbiv 12:17 15 Sep 2005

My relative and I have Both got BroadBand.

How big a file do you guess??

  johnnyrocker 12:20 15 Sep 2005

if under a gig click here or split and send in the same manner?


  roygbiv 12:28 15 Sep 2005

how do I get it on the PC, (idiots question) do i just play DVD and save it???

  johnnyrocker 12:43 15 Sep 2005

would think so but wait for one of the wiser to answer.


  Yoda Knight 12:56 15 Sep 2005

You need to convert it to a playable format (it may already be...) such as AVI or MPEG

  Muckle 12:57 15 Sep 2005

Is it the only thing on the DVD and is it in DVD format (ie not saved as mpeg or avi file)?
If so, you will need to attach all the files visible on the DVD (insert, stop it playing and close the program it plays with, right click 'Start' button and choose 'Explore', right click DVD drive and choose 'Properties' (- on the pop-up will be the size of the files the DVD contains), right click it again and choose 'Explore, and then you will see everything that needs sending.
If there is other stuff on the DVD it will be a lot harder to find the required files.
Good luck!

  roygbiv 16:52 15 Sep 2005

sorry, couldnt get back sooner , the errors in PCA were back!!!!

Thanks forv the info. wiill try later.

DVD contains 1 and half hours viewing with the 15 mins., i need, right in middle!!!!!!!!
video_RM and video_TS ?????????

  roygbiv 16:28 16 Sep 2005


  roygbiv 18:47 17 Sep 2005

Any More Help !!!

Muckle. thanks still cant do it ????????

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