Emailing a pic not as an attachment

  gazmix 18:18 06 Oct 2008

Can anyone tell me how i can send a jpeg pic via email but not as an attachment. I want to insert the pic within the text that i write!
The place i'm sending to doesn't open attachments!


  rdave13 18:21 06 Oct 2008

I just copy and paste.

  mfletch 18:28 06 Oct 2008

When sending a email just click on insert {picture}

Outlook express or windows mail

  rdave13 18:36 06 Oct 2008

Should have added on AOL mail.

  gazmix 23:03 06 Oct 2008

Sorry, maybe i not explain well!
The pic i want to send is a jpeg in my documents.
I want to include the picture into the text.

There is no link to my pic, that i can copy & paste.

Can i open the pic in windows & create a link to it, if its not possible to show the actual pic between lines of text!!

I'm sending via OE6

  gazmix 23:05 06 Oct 2008

when i click on insert at the top of the message, only 'file attachment' is available, the rest are greyed out, including 'picture'.

  Sea Urchin 23:47 06 Oct 2008

This is from the Help menu in Outlook Express - any use?

To insert a picture into a message

Click the place in the message where you want the image to appear.
On the Insert menu, click Picture, and then click Browse to find the image file.
Enter Layout and Spacing information for the image file as needed.


If you cannot select the Picture command, make sure HTML formatting is turned on by clicking the Format menu in the message window and then clicking Rich Text (HTML). A black dot appears by the command when it is selected.
If message recipients are not able to view your inserted images, on the Tools menu, click Options. Click the Send tab, click HTML Settings, and then make sure that Send pictures with messages is selected. Then resend your message.
To insert a background picture into your message, in the message window, on the Format menu, point to Background, and then click Picture. Click the Browse button to search for the file you want to use.

  gazmix 08:35 07 Oct 2008

Thanks Sea Urchin, this works ok!!, can you help me do the same thing via my Orange webmail, as the options to do this aren't there!

There only seems to be the option to attach & no 'insert pic' option


  Sea Urchin 11:30 07 Oct 2008

I've not used Orange webmail so don't know whether you can insert pictures, but it's quite likely that you cannot. You could try copying and pasting, but many webmail applications only allow attaching pics. If you have a Help function within the webmail page try asking "Insert Pictures" - there might be a way of doing it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  gazmix 12:44 07 Oct 2008

Many thanks anyway, it seems a bit lame that you cannot via webmail, i have looked at all possibilities & googled the issue & seen other webmail servers don't allow this so i assume that Orange doesn't either.
I have sent them a question to the tech department.



  Sea Urchin 15:05 07 Oct 2008

I am on TalkTalk and their webmail site DOES allow inserting of pictures, so I was vaguely hopeful that perhaps Orange might also. I've tried using Hotmail and Yahoo mail without success.

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