emailing larger files

  jaybee 07:23 26 Feb 2003

I've tried searching the helproom database for this but can't seem to find the right keywords to get a response. So can anyone help me to find out how to email larger files?

My son is in his final year at universtity and wants me to proofread his thesis when it is complete in a month or so. Since we will be hundreds of miles apart, email is the only practical approach. Knowing that all students finish their theses just milliseconds from whatever deadline is set, I would like to be able to sort problems in advance. I have recently had a file of just over 1Mb (a jpeg) bounced back by the hotmail webmaster when I tried to send it to a friend whose ISP is hotmail. I'm sure I have seen reference to sending files in smaller sections which are reassembled by the recipient.
I'm using ME and my son is using XP.

  the Rascal 07:51 26 Feb 2003

I downloaded a small program called,The file splitter of one of this forums readers.Its only a small file but lets you split the files in bytes,kbs or mbs.I tested it on a mp3 file and split it up into 400kbs peices,it worked great.You send the peices by e-mail one by one and the last file is the file that joins it all back up again,All you have to do is make sure you download all the pieces into the same folder,you just click on the join file and hey presto its jioned again.If you would like to email me i will send you the file Regards.......The Rascal

  accord 07:54 26 Feb 2003

if the work is in word, excel format then try winzip and compress the file, jpegs dont like this as they are compressed already but word docs arent so compress by in region of 85%

click here

  accord 07:56 26 Feb 2003

click here

try this link for winzip on the PCA site

  MAJ 08:05 26 Feb 2003

My favourite file splitter is JASP, so easy to use, free and hasn't let me down here

  the Rascal 08:16 26 Feb 2003

Well done MAJ for keeping it simple unlike me, lol

  User-312386 08:28 26 Feb 2003

1st of all do not send a large file via hotmail

use your own isp e-mail address(via outlook/outlook express) to do this

also Zip the file up as some service providers do not like attachments

Are you sending the .JPEG to another hotmail account? if you are and there account has less than 1 mb left then the server will reject it

Make sure that your friend has more than 1mb sorage space left

  Forum Editor 08:30 26 Feb 2003

that your son's thesis will be a Word file, and as such it would have to be very big indeed to approach the size that would be rejected by a mail server.

Many people don't realise that Word file sizes can be reduced very considerably, simply by turning off the 'fast save' feature. Using Fast save makes the file size increase considerably each time the file is saved, and it's not unusual to see a 200K Word document increase to a file size of 2Mb in this way.

Tell your son to turn off fast save in the tools/options menu under the 'save' tab. This won't reduce the size of any files that he's already saved, but there's a tip that will work in those cases. Just save the file with a different name using the 'save as' command from the file menu, and look at the difference in file size between the new version and the original - there'll be a dramatic reduction in most cases.

The other thing to do is to ask your son to have two file versions - one original, and one without any graphics/graphs or images. They aren't necessary for your proof-reading exercise, and you'll get a far smaller file. Your son can very quickly merge any changes you suggest back into his original file - once you get going you'll see how easy it all is.

A final tip is to make sure your son uses a True-type font - it helps to keep the file size down - and if he sends you the file with double line spacings you'll find it far easier to edit.

  jaybee 08:32 26 Feb 2003

There's plenty of useful advice here that will I am sure solve my problem. Bless you all.

  powerless 08:33 26 Feb 2003

Best to go the winzip route, not sure if Me has the inbuilt file compression like XP does. But follow the link from accord winzip it. Your son dosnt have to intall winzip because XP has it built in...He just needs to click the file and then view the pic.

Ever thought of sending it via a chat client like Windows Messenger?

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