Emailing jpegs...won't work.

  nick_j007 21:28 31 Oct 2005

Hi all.

When I use XP to send pictures via email, it will seem to add a few of the selected pictures before bringing up my email prog (Incredimail) then it stops as if nothing had been requested, and I ma left none the wiser.

Any ideas what is happening? I have a 2Gig per month service from Wanadoo, but I surely haven't exceeded this! Any easy way of finding out?

Thank you,


  Splork 21:50 31 Oct 2005

Has it worked until now? Did you have the `reduce picture size` powertoy installed? Can you send pictures via Outlook Express ?

  Stuartli 23:51 31 Oct 2005

Normally, if you right click on a photo file, and select Send To you can elect to use Mail Recipient; the photo file is then included as an attachment.

  nick_j007 10:58 02 Nov 2005

Yes, it has worked just fine until now.
I do have that power toy, and find it useful from time to time, but normally allow the pictures to be reduced in size with the built-in facility when sending emails via XP.
If I select one or two pictures, I seem to be able to reduce them and send on as normal, if I select ten plus for example, by reducing using the built-in facility, a few will seem to be prepared, then the process stops with no error message.
I am finding that the reducer powertoy is not working either. It appears to go through them all, and place new icons on the page, but then tells me it cannot reduce my selected images.

Right clicking and 'send to' follows the same procedure as above so I'm no better off that route.

I have tried using Outlook Express, but no solution there either.
It's as if the small process of reducing and loading the pictures is corrupted somehow.
I'm confused!
No changes to the PC by me that I'm aware of.

Any further ideas please?



  Splork 11:20 02 Nov 2005

Remove and re-install the resizer for a start, click here
The powertoy is what enables XP to reduce the images, in that respect it's not a built-in XP facility.
Picasa from Google (click here) will also reduce images for emailing.

  Stuartli 11:49 02 Nov 2005

Or just for resizing pictures rather than the more extensive features of Picassa2 (a superb little utility just as with Irfanview) try the equally impressive PixResizer:

click here

  nick_j007 12:20 02 Nov 2005

uninstalled/reinstalled power toy.

No change I'm afraid.

I have found however, that if I choose the option 'Keep the original sizes' they will all attach obediently, and the email will open up ready for sending regardless of how many I choose.

I should explain that I do this not with the power toy with a right click, but use the option to the left in My Pictures of 'Email the selected items'.

I really want to avoid using another programme to achieve this. I hope you understand my thoughts on that. Just can't see why this is happening. Any settings in my Incredimail I wonder...will revisit that now.

Thank you


  nick_j007 17:25 02 Nov 2005

It would seem that (subject to more investigation) it is a batch of pictures from last week that does not want to get sent.
They must be protected or something.
I have been able to send a snormal large batches of pictures from September so it must be a file thing.

Mark as resolved for now then.

Thank you for looking in.


  nick_j007 20:30 29 Nov 2005

...surprisingly enough that I had messed up my colour profiles in my RAW converter and then my screen. Since resolving that issue, I can now send emails once again!


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